Finally, a Jennifer Aniston Movie Worth Watching


As much as I love Gerard Butler, this movie definitely needs a dose of The Fett. I would also go as there’s probably now at least a 70% chance that Jennifer Aniston either gets frozen in carbonite or fed to a Sarlacc, both of which are situations I would pay $10 to see.

Side note, has anyone ever notice how weird Boba Fett’s cargo pants are? Who has pockets there? Sure from the waist up he’s got wicked Mandalorian armor, but the whole denim baggy pocket thing really isn’t working down below there.

[via TheDailyWhat]

  • Madison

    I think I’d still have to skip this one…especially since Boba Fett is pretty easily the most overrated character in the Star Wars universe.

  • Josh

    Still not worth two hours of her.

  • haywire

    Boba needs to replace Aniston. The sexual tension between Leonidas and him – I’m in my room…

  • There has been heaps of cruel remarks about Jennifer Aniston doing the rounds on the world wide web in recent times. I consider she looks terrific, particularly after losing a couple of pounds.