Fifteen Really Cool Houses In Movies

While I don’t think that scenery and extra props are entirely important to a movie, they can definitely make a movie a bit cooler.   And I’m not knocking aesthetics.  In fact, I’m praising them.  I’m just pointing out that the story and the acting should usually be the focal point of a film.

However that doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t get caught up in the beauty or the bad assness of some of the scenery.

In that light, here are 15 awesome houses in movies…..

Pride and Prejudice

It’s definitely a little scary at times because of the sheer size but imagine growing up in that.

Funny People

Remember how awesome Sandler’s house was in this movie?  I particularly remember the pool.


This might not have been the most ideal house to grow up in but it sure as hell was badass in the movies.


From the exterior it merely looks like a normal really rich person’s mansion.  But we all know the capabilities on the inside.

The Vampire Diaries

I could have gone with Twilight here but this place is way cooler than the Cullen’s.


Who would have thought that a movie from 1973 would have a house this cool?  Hmm.

Iron Man

Probably the coolest technological house in movie history.  At least so far.

Edward Scissorhands

This is right up there with Norman Bates’ house.


I’ll be honest.   I didn’t even know this movie existed but this house is pretty awesome.

Charlie’s Angels:  Full Throttle

Possibly the only redeeming thing about this movie.


If you’re gonna be a drug lord you might as well live in style.

The Addams Family

This is another one of those houses where there’s more than meets the eye.

Billy Madison

Sandler’s up here twice!

Meet Joe Black

This has got to be one one of if not the coolest house in all of New York City.

Weekend at Bernie’s

This was the ultimate 80s beach house.

*There are obviously tons more but we tend to like these quite a bit.