Facts You Might not Know About Ghostbusters

If there’s one movie that I pray never gets remade it’s 100% Ghostbusters.   And I’m in the camp that loved the sequel.   I say love because if you compare it to current day comedies it’s just as good if not better.   But sure, compared to other mid to late 80s comedies it wasn’t all that great.

Anyway, I hope that the fellas don’t sell out and do a sequel and I pray there’s never a newer younger bunch of Ghostbusters on the horizon.  Stick to a cartoon if you’re going to do anything.  In any event, we thought you’d get a kick out of some random facts you might not know about the movie.

Check them out after the jump…..

If you can’t read the text the pics can be enlarged by clicking.  Photo credit to Izismile.

  • Reader

    One space after periods. See, is that nice?.

    Don’t put two spaces after periods, we don’t use typewriters anymore. Doesn’t that just look silly and jarring?

  • Eric

    TIL Ghostbusters could have been even more epic if it had John Candy.

  • GrandWazoo


    I agree, but Nattyb is like 100 years old, so you’ll have to forgive him for writing with the same style as my mother (the only other person I know who does that).

  • Tim W.

    @Reader You really noticed he used two spaces after typing in the 3 small paragraphs of writing at the top of the article? Who the hell cares. It’s not jarring, it’s damn near unnoticeable.

    What I noticed were the 2 factual errors in the trivia. According to the Slimer Mode on the blu-ray, which is awesome, the car was set to fly out of the Ghostbuster headquarters in the first DRAFT, not cut of the film. They never approved a budget large enough to film an effect like that. Also, Walter Peck was not knocked over by 50 gallons of shaving cream, he requested a stunt double stand-in and try it first, upon seeing the stunt double knocked over by the weight, he requested the amount be changed to 40 gallons.

    Wow, I love Ghostbusters (both films), I’ve never been able to correct someone with my GB knowledge. Now I know what all those Star Wars fanboys feel like… hahaha.

    @Nattyb If you haven’t played the Ghostbusters video game for PS3 or Xbox 360, I highly… HIGHLY recommend picking it up. It’s $12 used at Gamestop and it is well spent. All the original crew voice their characters and offer their likeness, including Janine and Walter Peck. The story serves as the third movie, and the ghost-busting gameplay is surprisingly tight and well polished. Excellent game, far exceeded my expectations for what it would be. The game takes the Ghostbusters mythology to a new level and adds depth to scenes from the original films.

  • Tachaeon

    You forgot to mention that Ron Jeremy could be seen in the traffic scene after they leave the mayor’s office.


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  • Akari

    I agree with Tim W.’s endorsement for the video game. ‘This feels like the 3rd movie’ was exactly the thought I had going through the game. That it actually fills in some of the unanswered questions from the movies (Like where all the pink slime came from in Ghostbusters 2) was an added bonus amusement.

  • Charlie Ward

    The Ghostbusters game was good, but Bill Murray phoned it in and THERE WAS NO DANA. So not perfect, but good. Definitely worth what it’s going for today.

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  • John

    You wrote you like Ghostbusters 2 so why would it be “selling-out” if they did another sequel?