Facts You Might not Know About Ghostbusters

If there’s one movie that I pray never gets remade it’s 100% Ghostbusters.   And I’m in the camp that loved the sequel.   I say love because if you compare it to current day comedies it’s just as good if not better.   But sure, compared to other mid to late 80s comedies it wasn’t all that great.

Anyway, I hope that the fellas don’t sell out and do a sequel and I pray there’s never a newer younger bunch of Ghostbusters on the horizon.  Stick to a cartoon if you’re going to do anything.  In any event, we thought you’d get a kick out of some random facts you might not know about the movie.

Check them out after the jump…..

If you can’t read the text the pics can be enlarged by clicking.  Photo credit to Izismile.


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