Everything Right and Wrong with the ’90s in One Video


I was only four years old when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 came out, and as such, this video was never an integral part of my childhood. It wasn’t years later until I discovered the magic of both TMNT and Vanilla Ice, and years after that before I learned that the two had once combined to make possibly the pinnacle of all videos from the ’90s.

I doubt this is even the first time this video has surfaced on Unreality in the last five years, but it doesn’t matter. You could watch it a hundred times and not be any less amazed by it. For the few of you who haven’t yet experienced the magic, you’re welcome.

Ending question: Who is our Vanilla Ice equivalent today?

  • trashcanman

    I believe Fred Durst is the closest thing we have to a modern Vanilla Ice. everyone loved him for a minute there, but he quickly became the corniest joke we knew. Give Bieber a a few years and he may get there. Man, I still remember every line of that “Go ninja go ninja go!” song. So lame it’s awesome.

  • Mark Miller

    Pitbull could be, everybody loved him but now hes just a silly bald guy.

    Anyway stop procrastinating watching nineties music videos and write me that damn squeal! I need to know what happens next. Star wars VII<The last exodus II

  • GrandWazoo

    I agree with the Pitbull nomination.

  • Dude

    Nah pitbull, I would go for Will.I.Am, you know I am right 🙂

    For moment let us stop and look back how much BlackEyedPeas music sucks 🙂

  • Hallamq

    I’d say that idiot from LMFAO, except that he’ll never be nearly as famous as Vanilla Ice was. Fred Durst seems close enough, especially because he was at one point taken seriously, much like Vanilla. More recently, professional uber-idiots like Bam Margera. Useless residues from the excesses of an era. But they’ll always have that one decade.

  • Todd X

    Is Fred Durst even working on anything nowadays?

    I am not certain we have an equivalent today. Ice kind of killed that brand of celebrity. His performance turned him into a clown. For all his cheesiness he did sell a lot of albums. One freaking hit and his album is one of the top twenty sold for an entire decade.

    To find an equivalent today is tough. The mistakes he made few are willing to repeat. Sean Combs is a superior actor and has chosen far better projects than Cool as Ice.

    We have a choice of folks that come close: Ice Cube, Jewel, Rhianna, Justin Bieber the list can go on. Each one these folks have done something people thought was amazing and then something not so much: Are We There Yet. Walmart, Chris Brown, everything after youtube.

    Still no one comes close to the ruination of a career than Ice was able to achieve with his appearance rapping with turtles.

  • joe

    My favorite line from this song that summarizes a lot of hip hop nowadays: “Lyrics! Filling in the gaps.”