Every Wes Anderson Slo-Mo Shot, Scored by Ja Rule


I think the last time I even thought about Ja Rule was when he’d just lost a race to Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious, and subsequently no longer had access to a promised threesome (“MONICAAA!”). But now he’s back in action, scoring Wes Anderson movies.

The clever film buffs at Slacktory have taken every significant slow-motion shot from Wes Anderson’s movies and set them to a different Ja Rule track. The effect is…surprisingly great, though I forgot how truly unspeakable Ja Rule’s lyrics are. “EVERY THUG NEEDS A LAY-DAY, BAY-BAY, CRAY-ZAY!” or some variant of that.

Check out the compilation above and here’s that scene I was talking about.


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