Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Scream Ever


Our good friends at FilmDrunk have cut and released this rather awesome video which showcases every single time Arnold has yelled in any one of his movies.

We all know he’s got some classic one liners in all these films, but his actual scream is something of a trademark too. How does it go? Something like “RAUUURAUGHHH!”

Check out the video above, and spend the next three minutes trying to imitate him yourself. It’s inevitable.

  • jb

    is it strange that I actually thought it would be longer?

  • Kristoph

    The Predator one holding the torch will definitely be one of my favorite screams of all time 🙂

  • Geo

    Didn’t Twins come out in 1988, not 1998?

  • Geo

    Red Heat came out in 1988 also.

  • Candee

    I was so hoping that it would show the whole “HE GOT TWO!” thing from Jingle All The Way…but I guess it doesn’t actually count.