Emily Blunt to Play Totally Necessary Third Villain in Iron Man 2


Because two villains just isn’t enough for the Iron Man sequel, it’s being reported that Emily Blunt has signed on to play the Black Widow. For those of you as unfamiliar with Iron Man villains as I am, Black Widow is a Russian super spy that…well, I don’t know, but she has red hair.

Also, judging from the comic, she appears to be way hotter than Emily Blunt. Like seriously, if you wanted a hot red-headed super spy in Iron Man 2, the obvious go-to would have been Mila Jovovich. Or heaven help me, Amy Adams. Think Adams is a stretch well, **** you it’s Iron Man 2 not The Dark Knight 2, and they’re allowed to make fun casting decisions. Like, you know, Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell.

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  1. Sean January 15, 2009

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