10 Awesome Electricity Scenes in Movies


Of all the special effects and enhancements one can make to a movie, I think that electricity is definitely up there.  There’s just something very cool about electricity.  I mean how many times have you seen lightning and thought how cool it was (assuming no one got hurt)?

How awesome is it to watch a taser in action?  Hell even seeing a person get electrocuted is kind of entertaining.  No, I’m not saying I like it I’m simply pointing out that we don’t often get to see cool electrical phenomenon in our lives and it’s always a treat when movies share them with us.

Here are 10 awesome electricity scenes in movies…

Christmas Vacation – Fried Cat Scene


Anytime you see an old man (or even his stunt double) tackled it’s very funny.  Plus it’s Clark Griswald. Come on.

Rambo – “I’m Coming to Get You”


OK maybe I just love the “I’m coming to get you” line but still, he does electrocute the guy and it’s pretty damned sweet.

The Hangover – Tasing Scene


The little fat kid.  I have no words to describe how awesome he is.

Anything from Shocker


But this will do.

Linus Bragg on the Electric Chair


One of the toughest movie scenes to watch, ever.

Botched Execution in the Green Mile


This was seriously messed up

The Real Origin of Raiden


A.  Great Movie.  B.  This guy is a total badass.

Beginning of Terminator


Go to Minute 4.  Oh yeah.  What a classic.

The Last Dragon – Final Scene


One of the most classic movies of all time.  I can’t believe they’re remaking this movie.

The Prestige – Tesla


The powers of cloning.  Totally badass.

  • woody

    force lightening from the end of Return of the Jedi…? surely that counts as electricity right?

  • J5

    “Talkin about Bruce LeeRoy catching bullets with his teeth……Nigga please.”

  • Gill

    The electricity coming off of Vanko’s whips in Iron Man 2 was definitely one of the cooler effects of the movie.

  • The FKing

    The end of Marv from Sin City?That was totally badass…

  • B-Man

    The best was in Ernest goes to prison after he goes through the electric chair and then gets electricity power. Awesome and hilarious.

  • Jim

    Surely you know that’s Big Trouble in Little China. Great movie.

    How do you not include the ending to Ernest Goes to Jail?????


  • Brian

    The wicked witch trying to take the ruby slippers!

    Made for an excellent albumn cover!

  • Joe

    Uhh….Highlander? Come on.

  • chewspam

    does the end of the first indiana jones count with all of those nazi’s getting blow up?

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  • Mike

    Come on…Jaws 2. Chief Brody makes the shark bite into the cable at the end. It gets zapped and catches fire. So cheesy, but definitely worth a spot on the list

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  • lurker

    Lack of Electric Dragon 80,000 V = Fail.

  • No Ernest goes to Jail?! Greatest electricity sequence ever! 😉

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  • Mitchell

    would like to nominate Electric Dragon 80.000V

  • Canada Eh

    Sin City

  • Riley

    Back To The Future??? The whole plot revolved around harnessing the electricity from a bolt of lightning!

  • Dude, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York???? When Marv gets electrocuted in the basement of the abandoned brown stone??? Absolutely hilarious… The dude turns into a skeleton for Christ’s sake!