Eight Very Realistic Movies About Parenthood

Baby Boom

For some reason I just love this movie.  It’s also a refreshing look at the role of a single working mother in the corporate world.  It shows you just how tough it is out there and how you must make time for yourself (which proves to be nearly impossible).  However, when you least expect it, your child can be the inspiration for your life’s work.

Look Who’s Talking

There have been plenty of movies that have their own spin on actually having a baby but I think Look Who’s Talking handles it very well.  Hell they even make fun of the sperm.  It’s hilarious.  Then there’s actually being a parent.   Jokes about your appearance, the faces baby makes.  But most importantly, life from the potential perspective of the child.   Bruce Willis does a great job as Mikey’s inner thoughts.


The film tackles a tough and commonplace issue: the reconfiguring of a family following a divorce. Through the challenges faced by the three adults and two kids involved, we saw a lot of real life reflected back at us: Yes, it’s hard for single moms to love (or even like) their ex’s new wife or girlfriend. And, yes, feelings get hurt, roles get challenged and familial life can be downright uncomfortable. But, as the movie also shows, it is possible to move past the hurt and move on with life for the sake of the kids—and your own.

  • Uncoolaidman

    Kramer vs. Kramer. Talk about a good divorce movie.

  • Nick D Pags

    I was looking forward to No. 8.


    wheres 8?