Eight Scary Scenes in Otherwise Non Scary Movies

You kind of had to figure we’d be bringing out the scary type articles as Halloween approaches did you not?  I mean hey.  What kind of a site would we be if we didn’t get into the holiday spirit?  And honestly I know other sites have touched upon this subject before but I think it’s always fun to bring it around.

It’s cool when movies that aren’t intended to frighten you, freak you the hell out.  I mean granted I think it’s their intention to mix it up during the film to keep the audience on edge but man, some of these scenes are scarier than horror movies scenes.

Check out eight scary scenes in otherwise non scary movies….

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – Tell ‘Em Large Marge Sent You


I don’t know about you but I definitely freaked out at this scene when I first saw this movie.  Definitely a little creepy.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Scary Ride


Man oh man this was NOT cool of them to do to us.

The Adventures of Huck Finn


When Ron Perlman made his first appearance as Pap Finn in Stephen Sommers’ 1993 adaptation of Mark Twain’s great novel, it was freaky as all hell.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Child Catcher


“There are children here somewhere. I can smell them.”  Is that scary enough for ya?

Full Metal Jacket – Private Pyle Kills Himself


I think this scene is more freaky than anything else but this definitely qualifies as being scary.

Star Trek II – Weird Beetle Stuff in the Ears


Sorry the clip isn’t in English but you get the point.  This is flat out nasty.

Trainspotting – Baby Crawl


This is flat out one of the freakiest scenes I’ve seen in any movie ever.  When that head turns it’s like exorcist or something.   Good Lord that’s bad.

Brazil – Put in on Big Boy


You didn’t think I could go the whole way without adding Terry Gilliam did you?  It was either this movie or Neverending Story.  I think what the little girl says qualifies as scary.

  • you could also include pretty much all of Requiem for a Dream,

    thats some scary shit

  • MR

    I will never understand the tunnel scene from wily wonka. WHY IS THAT EVEN THERE!?! It makes no sense, does nothing to further the plot, and nobody ever brings it up. Every time this movie plays on TV, they cut it out completely, and if you never saw the movie before, wouldnt notice. Nostalgia critic is right. Why? Just why?

    I could spend hours just talking about this clip alone. I mean It has nothing to do with chocolate, they show a chicken’s head get cut off, random colors and some freaky poem followed by Gene’s creepy scream. I seriously want to know the reason this was put in. Did the writer think this up? Did the director think this up? was there a deleted scene that helped explain this? I would really like an answer. I’m going to ask reddit now.

  • Gabriel

    The Trainspotting baby scene was always the scariest scene in my opinion. I first saw this when I was like 13……messed me up….

  • cenaris

    Ever since I saw that dead baby scene years ago, I refuse to watch it. I straight out refuse to ever watch it just because of the dead baby’s face.

  • Um…every scene with Willlie Wonka in it during that movie was a creepfest.

  • Guy Incognito

    What? Requiem for a Dream is an otherwise non scary movie? Isn’t the whole point of the movie to scare you away from doing drugs? Doesn’t belong on this list. Also Full Metal Jacket shouldn’t be on here either. They may not be horror movies or thrillers but the intent is still to scare you into getting the message.

  • Steve

    Large Marge gave me plenty of nightmares, but TBH I think the actress herself is more terrifying now. She…never…blinks. Also, Pyle going nuts is more psychologically scary than anything else. Oh and I didn’t find the last clip scary at all.

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  • Ellie

    Hey! You forgot the trash incinerator scene in Toy Story 3!

  • J. Valkar

    I think that the scariest scene that I have ever seen in a non-scary movie is: The beergarden scene from: “Cabaret”. This scene show how seeming innocence can lead to unimaginable horror.

  • Wite Boy

    Willy Wonka wasnt actually intended to be a kids movie. Also hence the german slang snozberries(sp?) for penis