Eight Giant Movie Plot Holes in Eight Images

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There’s nothing wrong with suspending disbelief when it comes to enjoying a movie. It’s an almost necessary part of the process in most instances, but sometimes there can be plot holes that are just a little too wide and deep to avoid entirely.

I’ve made a list showcasing some of the more obvious ones in classic and recent movies alike, and employed a tactic known to hook even people with the shortest of attention spans: pretty pictures! Each plot hole is laid out simplistically in image form, and I am taking special requests in the comments if you think of one that’s worth featuring.

Check out the gallery below:

My favorite new one from Drester:

Though I would say the bigger plothole is they cancel the program because of ONE elaborate manipulation of it after there hadn’t been a single murder in years. I’ll take one f*** up if thousands of other deaths were stopped. That wouldn’t fit in a captioned picture though.