Eight Disney Remixes To Blow Your Mind


Well damn it all, I’m feeling very nostalgic at the moment, because I put on The Lion King while folding my laundry, and ended up watching the whole thing. It inspired this post which features eight Disney-themed remixes. Most of them features bits and pieces from the original material, while some are nearly ALL from the source itself.

Some pretty cool video and audio editing here, along with a healthy dose of your childhood. Check them out:

1) Alice in Wonderland


90% of this track is composed using actual sounds from the movie, which is incredible considering how awesome it sounds.

2) The Lion King


With a little help from Matisyahu.

3) Snow White


Snow White plus Daft Punk equals “Dwarfed Punk.” Catchy, no?

4) Aladdin


A Whole New World gets a whole new twist.

5) Beauty and the Beast


Not so much a remix, as just plain old disturbing.

6) The Little Mermaid


Chopped, cut and spliced from the original song itself.

7) Mulan


You wouldn’t think you could use the words Mulan, Tom Jones and techno in the same sentence, but you’d be wrong.

8 ) Best of


What? It’s cute. Shut the **** up.


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