Eight Awesome Girl Gangs In Movies

Maeby Funke once compared George Michael to “a fruit no one’s ever heard of.” That’s the way I feel about girl gangs in movies. They are so rare and lacking, while male gangs are absolutely everywhere. But before this turns into a post about feminism and whatnot, let me switch gears and say that there are still some pretty awesome lady posses out there.

These girls have badass attitudes, cool nicknames and are memorable for their bold one-liners. Here’s my list of awesome cinematic girl gangs:

The Bridesmaids – Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids is the most recent movie to deliver us a badass and memorable group of girls. Most of these characters are total train-wrecks (Kristen Wiig especially), but they are hilarious. I can’t wait to see them together again.

The Plastics – Mean Girls

The Plastics might be the meanest bitches at North Shore High School, but they also happen to be better looking than anyone else. To leave them off this list would be a sin. Immediately, when you think of an iconic girl gang, The Plastics come to mind.

Coven Of Witches – The Craft

I’ve watched The Craft probably around 833 times during my lifetime. And I’ve learned that these four girls are totally kickass. Sure they turn on each other eventually, but together they are an unstoppable force. I’ll admit, they are my favorite girl gang in any movie – so what if they’re witches.

The Graduates – The Group

The Group is this really cool 1966 movie about a gang of recent college graduates. Part of their appeal is their longstanding friendship. They stay connected through everything – marriages, kids, even death. And they’ve all got a chic sense of style.

The Spice Girls – Spice World

The 90s were ruled by this girl gang right here – The Spice Girls. Now normally, they wouldn’t be on a list like this because they were known for their music and not as characters in a movie. But thankfully they did make a movie that captured all their awesomeness and adventures. (Roger Ebert should re-watch and re-review this movie).

Gang Of Bank Robbers – Set It Off

Here’s another movie I watched a lot growing up (though now that I think about it, I shouldn’t have been watching a rated R movie… oh well). This gang of bank robbers might not be the greatest role models, but they are survivalists and inspiring.

Angels – Charlie’s Angels

Whether it’s the TV or movie version of Charlie’s Angels, these girls are a very tough gang. They’ve also got the skills to take down the A Team… possibly.

The Pink Ladies – Grease

The Pink Ladies are the classic definition of what a girl gang should be. They have each others back, they wear matching jackets and they have sleepovers. I would’ve loved to be a part of a group like that in high school. Unfortunately, no one there was that cool.


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