Eight Amazing Lines in Movies that Were Unscripted

One of our favorite sites Listal did a great piece on a list of unscripted scenes in movies.    That list contained around 25 items.   We however, wanted to slim it down to only include those scenes we thought were particularly amazing and highly impacting on the films that took place in.  Also we felt appropriate just to mention the movie lines themselves.

Sometimes it takes a funny mistake to make a scene great, and sometimes it takes the awesome creativity or humorous side of an actor to make something happen that the director couldn’t possibly plan.

Here are 8 memorable movie lines you might not have known were unscripted….

Caddyshack – “It’s in the Hole!”

Leave it to Bill Murray to say something simple yet remains one of, if not the most popular line in that movie.

Jaws – “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat”

I had no idea that Roy Scheider was so insightful.   Clearly that line is used today in a myriad of different ways.   Pretty funny it wasn’t even written for the movie.

The Empire Strikes Back – “I Know”

Remember when Leia tells Han that she loves him and he tells her he knows?  Harrison Ford improvised that one.  I guess we has pretty cocky.

The Usual Suspects – “Give me the Keys…..”

Sometimes it’s not the line itself but the way it’s said.  The scene during the lineup at the police station where they all had to say “Give me  the Keys you &*&*&*$#@,” each member was given free reign on how they’d say it.