5 Classic Dustin Hoffman Film Moments

Rain Man

When you look at the career of Dustin Hoffman it’s pretty tough not to marvel at all of the successful films he’s been in.    Can you believe that he’s almost 73 years old?  Honestly I can’t.

But it’s not only that he’s been in successful movies.  He’s been in some of the most successful and memorable movies of all time.  So much so that many of the scenes and films he’s made have been modeled after in future movies.  It’s really extraordinary.

I’ve taken five scenes that I think are some of his best and most influential.


Kramer vs. Kramer – French Toast Scene


Honestly it’s nearly impossible not to cry at this scene.  Seriously.  I’m in tears right now.

Rain Man – KMart Sucks


KMart must have been pretty pissed off at this scene, rather the whole vibe throughout the movie.  And you know moviegoers were uttering those lines for weeks to come.  Classic.

The Graduate – Elaine!


Talk about awesome.  This scene has been repeated in some way or another in commercials, other movies, you name it.    Fantastic.

Midnight Cowboy


The End scene in this film is classic and has been repeated plenty of times in other media.



Just about every scene in this movie is memorable but this one is classic.

  • Brendan

    The lack of “Hook” is shameful. Simply shameful!

  • Christian

    Hook!? The only thing I remember about that is all the money they spent on it… yawn!

    No, what about Wag The Dog and All the President’s men… they were pretty awesome.

  • Madison

    As long as you’ve got The Graduate up there, I’ve got no complaints.

  • Brendan

    Hook was awesome! RU-FI-OOOOOOO!!!

  • Igor

    What about “Is it safe?” from Marathon Man?!

  • matt

    Sadly I have not seen a single one of those movies.

  • Dude

    Dustin Hoffman is the greatest actor ever he is just that good that most people don’t notice it.

  • falling

    Where the hell is the ending of straw dogs… that’s absolutely legendary

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  • MacGyver1138

    Good list, especially the iconic Midnight Cowboy scene. I would probably add something from Peckinpaw’s Straw Dogs. It’s interesting to watch Hoffman get violent considering his character’s pacifism throughout the movie.

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  • This is great! Thanks for posting this. I’ll be sharing the link on my blog.