Drift Compatible Disney Characters


I really don’t know how people come up with their crossover ideas sometimes, but here’s one that’s Disney meets….Pacific Rim! Why the hell not?

Artist Lou went through and decided to figure out which Disney characters would be “drift compatible” with each other in order to co-pilot a Jager. If you don’t know what any of that means, go see Pacific Rim immediately.

He even gave them their own Jager names. Check out the rest below. That’s the “Ohana King” above, and shows that the list isn’t all just love interests paired together.

Evening Star – Tiana & Naveen


Dream Giver – Nakoma & Pocahontas


Ursa Major – Merida & Elinor


Shepherd’s Crystal – Kida & Milo


Arabian Knight – Jasmine & Aladdin



Frozen Heart – Hans & Anna


Golden Trident – Ariel & Eric



  • crazb412

    Shouldn’t Frozen Heart be KRISTOFF and Anna? and the triplets from Brave would have made a cool “Crimson Typhoon”-esque Jaeger team.

    • Nick Ramsay

      Or even Elsa and Anna. Methinks someone hasn’t actually seen the movie…

      • CC

        who cares