Dr. Jones? Dr. Jones.

This may not beat the “Twin Leias Under Twin Suns” picture from last year, but it’s still pretty damn cool. That’s Harrison Ford on the right (obviously) and legendary stuntman Vic Armstrong on the left, who doubled for Ford in many of his movies. Judging by the inscription Ford clearly thinks the guy’s got talent, and though he might be sort of a cantankerous old coot now, he was pretty funny back in the day.

Armstrong was one of the most prolific stuntmen in Hollywood, with over 89 movies to his credit where he was doing stunts, or organizing them. He also subbed in for Christopher Reeve during a few of the Superman films, though I have to imagine the Indy stunts were more dangerous. So  I guess he was the one running away from that giant stone ball then?

One more picture of the two of them below


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