Doug: The Feature Length Film


Hollywood is turning every childhood memory you’ve ever had into a movie these days, and if you think something as innocent as Doug will be able to escape their clutches, you are probably going to be proven wrong in a year or two.

But one group of filmmakers decided to make their own go at it before actual studios got involved. They shot a four minute trailer for a Doug film where he comes back from college and finds big changes in his hometown. Also we get to see Patty Mayonnaise run in a tank top, which is worth the price of admission alone. Check it out above.

  • roommate

    they needed to cast Fay for that

  • flaccidplatypus

    a little too “garden state-y” for my tastes. they should’ve done it more over the top.

  • Ugo Strange

    This…is…terrible…Great voice actors though…but a live action Doug movie is virtually impossible. PLUS, where’s the “beeeeyou” sound effect ?!

  • sylky

    didnt they already have a doug movie…..

  • T-Bagg

    I hated that cartoon.

  • Henry

    I thought the trailer was pretty good both humorously and seriously. That musical montage/credits at the end really amplified the nostalgia factor.

  • harry ballzak

    I really hope nobody makes a live action doug movie. Doug is one of my favorite childhood cartoons and it would be horrible in live action. Maybe an animated movie with mild CG. Please don’t ever make a live action doug.