Don’t Confuse the ‘Nine’ Trailer with the ‘9’ Trailer


There’s no CGI bag-people apocalypse here, just a rowdy bunch of women in burlesque getting champagne sprayed on them by Daniel Day Lewis.

Remember how everyone was crazy upset when Chicago won best picture a few years ago despite it’s copious amount of singing and bad acting? Well, director Rob Marshall is back with even more singing and a better cast. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Daniel Day Lewis

Judi Dench

Marion Cotillard

Penelope Cruz

Nicole Kidman

Kate Hudson

Sophia Loren


Yes, Fergie. I suppose she can act like she knows how to sing.

Check out that girl to guy ratio though, 7  to 1? Unless Day Lewis is playing a gay, he’s going to get laid by at least four of them.

I dunno, whatever, this looks pretty entertaining I have to say, as much as I want to make fun of it. Just don’t get carried away and go winning any Oscars again.

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