10 Awesome Dogs in Movies


I’ve said it on this website before and I’ll say it again.  I’m really not a fan of cats.  They portray this evil quality.  I don’t know what it is but I know I don’t like it.  Dogs on the other hand?  I love dogs.  They just seem so happy and fun.

You can train them.  You can play games with them.  They truly are man’s best friend.  It’s no surprise that cinema realizes this as well.  It’s not like you’re seeing many movies that have a cat as the main attraction is it?  Didn’t think so.  Dogs have always been a cornerstone of some movie classics.

While there have been tons of great movie dogs over the years, I’ve selected 10 of my favorites.



You just can’t compete with the awesomeness that is Cujo.  First of all,  a St. Bernard is scary enough as it is.  Then inflict rabies on it and have the dog face off against a mother and her son?  Stephen King is awesome.   P.S. the son is Danny Pintauro which is just amazing.



Look, I’m not all that into the whole family fun movie kind of thing but you have to admit that Beethoven is an awesome dog.  And even I got a chuckle when the big fella would run rabid and cause trouble.  Just kidding.  I’ve never seen the movie and never will.  But there’s no way Beethoven doesn’t make this list.

Something About Mary- Puffy


Puffy was the sweet little Border Terrier who wasn’t so sweet when he was given spiked doggy treats through the bathroom window.  I like that the movie didn’t let the little fella die.

Old Yeller

Old Yeller

Come on.  How could I ever miss Old Yeller.  Perhaps the sappiest and most famous lab of all time.



The slobbering sidekick of Tom Hanks in Turner and Hooch was a Dogue de Bordeaux.   These dogs are known for being very powerful yet have a soft temperament.  Whatever, it was just funny every time you saw saliva coming from this thing.



Benji was played by a bunch of different dogs but he’s known as a Mixed Breed.   And somehow this dog had an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time, usually helping a person overcome a problem.  I wish real dogs were like this.

Best in Show- Swan’s Dog at the End


Remember the dog of the Swan family Beatrice?  Well not that dog, even though that dog was awesome.  I like the little new dog at the end of the movie (whose name I can’t recall) who does nothing but hump stuff.

Killer in Half Baked


You can omit a dog that smokes pot and flies out of windows.  This dog ruled.   Plus I love Rottweilers.

Milo in The Mask


I feel like the little Jack Russell Terrier that played this dog was one of the most well trained dogs in any movie I’ve ever seen.  He was adorable.  And such a little trooper too.

Hercules in the Sandlot


AKA “The Beast,” this dog gets the nod not only because he lived to be 199 Doggie years old, but because there is a scene where you see his junk and he has the biggest balls I’ve ever seen on film.


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