Django Fett – Fastest Blaster in the West


“The ‘D’ is silent.”

It was only a matter of time when someone clever thought of this pun, and someone with photoshop skills brought it to life. Jango Fett may have been one of the stupider characters from the new Star Wars trilogy in my opinion (let’s take a fan favorite character and give him THE MOST IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE MOVIE), but here’s a lot cooler as “Django Fett.”

I never really stopped to process how terrible his armor was in this movie. Yes, it has elements of Boba, but it’s way too clean and looks like something Zapp Brannigan might wear. Has he never been a in a battle before? Dirty that shit up a bit Fett! I want it to look like a Sarlac just chewed you up and spit you back out.

Photoshop via Gordon Tarpley.

  • for my Star Wars is the best movie of the history.

  • David R

    I feel kind of stupid for never catching the reference Lucas was making with Jango Fett’s name now.

    The armor looks better in motion than it does in stills. That goofy pose in this picture isn’t helping anybody.

  • 53

    All of the characters kept on calling him dnigger the entire time, I found it very offensive and tasteless.