What Disney Taught Us Growing Up

For the girls:


Be helpless and super hot and someday, your prince will come. You can even be in a coma or a mute half-fish, as long as you’re hot.

For the guys:


So what’s that again, be rich (or act rich) and be hot? Disney wants everyone to be hot, I’ve got that much down.  As for the names, you’ve got me. I’ve got Aladdin, Prince Charming (though I don’t know which one that is) and let’s say….Prince Valiant. That’s got to be one of them.

  • Korinthian

    How about “Prince Stereotype”?

  • And don’t forget White for the Prince thing. With the acceptance of Aladdin, I guess.

  • Madison

    The guy from The Little Mermaid is Eric. That I know.

    And Disney is right, aren’t they?

  • Dave

    I wish Belle and Gaston would have ended up together.

  • CNA

    Eric from the Little Mermaid, Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty), Aladdin, Prince Charming (Cinderella), Prince Ferdinand (Snow White), and, although never mentioned by name in the Disney movie, the beast’s real name is Adam (apparently, though no real instance of fact remains behind that one).

  • John

    I think even worse with Belle is the whole idea that if you’re stuck with a total asshat of a guy who threatens you and treats you like shit, (i.e.: the Beast) he’ll eventually turn into a nice guy/prince who is rich, famous, charming and good looking. It’s almost glorifying being in shitty relationships.

  • lalala

    Sooo, Bell stays at beast castle yo save his father. Paid vacation with a enormous library, for the time, she was the closest to a wirdo nerd.
    We ald now Bullys and Jokes fall for the weird chiks.
    Anyway, considering ugly peolple (like me) also get horrendous drama relationships, what’s the dillio? will you be happier if all of them where poor, ugly and with no sense of singing?
    You havce real life for that folks, stop being a bitches.

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  • Laura

    As a kid, I loved Sleeping Beauty. Was my favorite Disney film. Then watching it now, they had met for literally 5 minutes and fell in love. Seriously?

  • xXburekXx

    i watched all those how many times as a kid and i dont know there names, come to think of it they do teach that right when i read the first one i went through the story of the others and realized it

  • Cricket

    May I?

    Snow White: She was “the fairest in the land” — but look how far that got her! No, Snow White’s true beauty was inner — and it showed through the way she cared for the forest animals and embraced her life with the dwarves. She believed that there is good in everyone, and refuses to give in to hatred, even when treated with unkindness (Grumpy).

    Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora): Okay, I won’t deny. She’s pretty ridiculous. Prince Phillip is the true, underrated hero of this story, willing to fight to save a girl he barely knows.

    Jasmine: Although by law forced to marry, she sees behind the facades of the many suiters, who are only after her money, beauty, and the power of her family. She clearly falls for Aladdin when they first meet in the marketplace; and she knows that he is not wealthy. When he is disguised as Prince Ali, she doesn’t swoon until he proves he actually is a real, kind person; not to mention she realizes he is, in fact, the boy from the market. In the end, Aladdin is not a prince; he still has nothing, but Jasmine truly loves him, and chooses him anyway.

    Ariel: This is another one I won’t deny as shallow. However, her bravery in saving Eric from the shipwreck and fighting Ursula at the end are both great signs of heroism.

    Belle: Okay, come on. Although she’s not my favorite princess, Belle is the shit. She turns down the handsome, popular, and most likely weathly Gaston because he is concieted, chauvinistic, and quite frankly, stupid. When her father is lost in the woods, Belle does not hesitate to find him, and then sacrifice herself to a life as a prisoner so that Maurice may be set free. Belle despises the Beast at first; he is, after all, holding her captive. After a frightening outburst in the West Wing, Belle flees the castle, only to be attacked by wolves. The Beast saves her, and because of this show of kindness, Belle nurses his wounds. The Beast, who’s heart is still human, is naturally attracted to Belle; her beauty, her bravery, and her kindness. He improves his attitude, the two become closer, and Belle is able to look past his outward appearance and see the man behind the fur.

    Cinderella: Cindy is an orphan who is treated horribly by her step-family. She is taught from a young age that she is worthless. However, she does not let her station in life define her. She has a quote (I’m just going from memory, so this may be wrong) that basically says, “Oh, that clock! Old killjoy! ‘Time to get up!’ he says. Even he orders me about. Well, there’s one thing. They can’t order me to stop dreaming.” Cinderella knows that beyond the cruelty of Lady Tremaine and her daughters, life is good, and someday, she will enjoy that life.

    I will never deny that there are flaws in the stories. They are, after all, fairy-tales. They have happily ever afters and whirlwind romances. But there are morals within them, and the tales are timeless.

  • @cricket

    Cricket, I have one problem with the way you see Cinderella. Yeah, it’s neat that she’s hopeful and all, but you ignore the fact that the ONLY reason the prince falls for her is her beauty. They meet, he asks for a dance, they dance, and he’s smitten. No conversation, or even asking around about her personality. And she falls for him too, surely because of his mental prowess (the guy searched the entire kingdom for a size 6 shoe, instead of for a blonde-haired, blue eyed girl of her age who looked like her?) after one dance with maybe five words shared between them. Can you say gold digger?

  • kirsty


  • Tina


    Thank you so much for telling others to get a life. It must be a hard job. Do you get breaks and holiday bonuses. I am wondering if it is a good job for my child to aspire to? What type of education do you need?

    Obviously, written English is not a requirement, that is good.

  • hentai

    they should make cartoon porn for kids so that when they grow up they’ll be pro at it… and make their erections go away ^_^

  • izafelidae

    @Cricket – I’m glad that there is someone else out there who thinks about this stuff. It’s not just a waste of time to sit around analyzing Disney movies. These are classic, very old tales (Tale as old as time), even though they are changed and updated, they have the same DNA. They were developed to pass time around the hearth fire, instruct, inspire morals that may no longer apply. These are still our cultural and literary inheritance. Perhaps they are all beautiful b/c in reality, esp when these were first told, w/ limited hygiene and health so few people were terribly pretty. And in times when people married for political or financial gain, the idea of marrying for love was the stuff of fantasy, something that happened only if you were fortunate enough to like the person to whom you were betrothed.
    I agree that Belle rocks. I’m part of a Renaissance Festival, and we ‘noble’ ladies sat around one day w/ the queen discussing how modern girls react to the princesses. Belle is really one of the few go-getters who doesn’t rely on a man to save her. That scene in Shrek where Fiona chastises the other princesses for lying around waiting to be saved was hilarious and yet poignant. I would say it’s not so much her sexuality that saves the Beast (Adam?), but her compassion. That she is sexually viable doesn’t hurt. And she is also a lower-middle class girl, though in several of the earlier versions she is at least upper-middle, daughter of a merchant. She is not princess material, or not expected to be. She is sweet while her sisters were vain (in the originals). In the Disney, they made her an only child, but still bookish, charitable and intelligent.
    I think when Disney steps outside of the traditional Euro-centric stories is when we get some surprisingly able women. Pocahantas (sp?) and Mu-lan for instance. Not traditional princesses. Pocahantas we know as an American heroine, who risks all for what she believes in and for love. Was it wise? Love never makes much sense. Mulan is a middle to upper class girl who feels totally stifled by convention but is trapped by her sense of duty. She follows adventure and danger and lives as a boy in the army to save her father from re-enlisting and to fulfill her own sense of self-worth. Her man thinks she’s another guy to start with. He admires ‘him’ for her cleverness and bravery. Once she is found to be a female, he is disappointed, but then undeniably attracted to her strategic mind and courage. She made her own success, though it was painful along the way. Having made something of herself and saving her country, she was able to return home proud at last.
    As to getting a life about this sort of thing…this is part of culture, our collective subconsiousness. Just b/c we live in a world that chooses Twitterature over books and certainly doesn’t sit around hearth-fires telling stories anymore, those who study these things know them for the rich inheritances that they are. Even wearing the mouse ears.

  • Colm Tourque

    So Disney reflects reality what’s the big deal.

  • Isaac

    You’re delving too deep for meaning. These movies taught us morale. Each & every Disney movie shows that there’s more on the inside then out, hence the reason Belle falls in love with a monster. They also teach us that in the end love, family, and friendship always triumphs. You’re taking these movies way too out of context. The only one I’d agree on is Snow White.

  • Mimi

    Disney princesses set such a bad example for children! So first of all, Snow White. She accepted an apple from an old ugly woman she didn’t even know (stranger danger), Ariel takes advice from a seagull and falls in love with someone she doesn’t know (stranger danger and bad common sense), Cinderella sneaks out to go to a party of someone she doesn’t know and accepts a dress, shoes, and a carriage from someone she doesn’t know (stranger danger). Sleeping Beauty falls in love with someone she’s never met and just kisses her awake (how does this even make sense? Stranger danger), Jasmine accepts a ride from a stranger who turns out only likes her cause she’s pretty (stranger danger, plus he’s a thief!), Rapunzel asks a stranger to take her to see some floating lights (same as Jasmine actually). Tiana kissed a frog she didn’t know, but that girl has some common sense unlike these other girls. Plus she’s not a pretty little white girl. Belle is so nice and although she got captured by a stranger (she was captured so I don’t think this counts), she understood that inner beauty is the kind that matters. The beast part just makes it better. Oh, and sleeping beauty (she was my favorite as a kid) didn’t listen to her parents like Cinderella. She touched it even though she wasn’t supposed to! As you can see, they have some issues. Don’t even get me started on the guys.

  • I Dont Understand One Thing

    Why are most of these comments about the girls? What about the guys??!?!? Most of them are rich, hot, well known, and (prince) charming! Seriously? Do you ever think how all the self conscious fat, ugly, poor, or boring boys are feeling?

  • Judah

    Such a crock. This is a perfect example of how to twist things.

    In the little mermaid the princess doesn’t ‘change her appearance’ to be more attractive, she gets legs, because otherwise she can never be with her love.
    In addition, the loss of her voice causes endless trouble and almost causes the potential husband to fall for the wrong woman (when he hears the evil woman singing with Ariel’s voice and thinks it is really her).
    So what she thought to be worth little (her voice) turns out to be so important. So if anything it suggests that looks are not everything.

    Most of the others have been covered perfectly well by Cricket. I’d add to the Beauty and the Beast that he is cursed in the begining for turning away an old lady who is looking for shelter, showing that you may have looks, power and wealth, but your actions will come back to you.

    All this shows is that if you try hard enough you can misinterpret anything and make it sound bad.

  • Dylan

    People fail to realize that children are too young to understand the underlying concepts of the characters that allow adults to overlook the vapidity of the stories. All they see is a pretty princess who gets saved by a prince. Go to any kindergarten class and you’ll see that it’s true. One little girl I worked with thought the blonde chick from “Princess and the Frog” was the actual princess, if that proves anything.

  • Evangeline

    The films show that girls will only get the man they want if they are extremely pretty. Yes, in some degree the films have the moral of “inner beauty”, but ONLY for the Beast! What about the women? Prince Charming just glanced at Cinderella and he found the right girl? How shallow they portray men! Imagine how hard he would have fallen in love with her if she wasn’t pretty. And then Aurora! She’s just like Bella in Twilight! She does absolutely nothing to fix their relationship, but disobey what she’s always been told to not touch the god damned spin wheel. Make all of the princes and princesses ugly and fat and then say the moral of films is inner beauty, Disney fangirls.

    Disney says to kids: boys, be sexy and and, highly recommended, be rich and you’ll get the girl. Girls, be sexy and, highly recommended, be innocent and you’ll get the man. So all you need is a strand of DNA with 3 billion nucleotides that print perfection and you’ll live happily ever after. Gotchya.

    Of course when the kids grow up somehow sense will be planted in their heads to not always go for the looks. But such brainwashing at a young age is not good, and may develop into low self esteem. No one nowadays judges others based on their inner beauty, and Disney isn’t helping. Even cute cheesy cartoons are putting kids’ minds into La la Land that will NEVER happen unless you’re pretty.

  • Daria

    Snow White, Sleeping beauty, little mermaid and cinderella are all indeed shallow – but they are fairy tales – watching these movies you’re supposed to just enjoy the love story that would never happen in real life) and you must admit that there are some moments of bravery – Ariel fighting Ursula and saving Eric, defying her father, snow white being kind to everybody…
    Aladdin and jasmine fell in love in the street – jasmine didn’t want the soulless rich men, she acted upon her hearts wish.
    Also, this is only SOME of the movies! My favorite, for example, is Mulan – where the whole plot is about a women proving herself better than most men! the lion king – tell me that doesn’t have morals!
    And Disney first of all produces films that make you feel magical, all fuzzy inside, as if you can achieve anything – the movie doesn’t HAVE to teach you something – I’m sure you’ve seen Die Hard or othe action movies – do you watch them to learn morals?

  • ebi

    Really? You really went through all that just to say Disney teaches kids bad morals? Come on, we all know that you exaggerated things… Ariel saved eric, she didn’t get legs to be more attractive, she did it because she needed to be a human so she could see him again. As for the others, you already read the other comments and you know it’s true. Go get a life instead of being an “Internet activist” as people call it, which can be translated as: person who sits in front of computer and writes worthless conspiracy shit in hope to look smart”. Grow up.

  • Christian (with Pride)

    This comment totally disregards the topic**

    People whom say get a life when commenting on a post absolutely contradict themselves. Especially when they say they do not care about a topic… If this were the case they would not have an interest in writing a paragraph about the fact how they do not care about the topic. Logically speaking, It’s safe to assume that you do care. I’ll hold that statement with pride

  • Irene

    Hmmm… What about Disney heroins that you forgot to mention? Such as Esmeralda who stands up to a mob and the magistrate to defend the innocent. Or possibly Mulan who with cunning, tenacity and determination setts out to save her father and then ends up almost single-handedly saving all of China. Meg, who is unwilling to let anyone close to her because she has been betrayed, yet manages overcome her trauma and not let it rule her, then saves Hercules and by extension the world. The last one I will mention is Nani who at a young age had to fill the gap that was left when her parents died to raise a rather hard to handle younger sibling. I could if pressed come up with more examples.

  • Jam on it

    Feminist propaganda at its finest notice men don’t care about how Disney portrays them we are to busy with real life.clearly a bunch of hens with too much time on there hands as my hard working grandmother used to say.this type of garbage is only seen in first world country’s wear women don’t understand how well they have it made.its this simple take away everything a woman can complain about and she will complain that its to perfect.