Disney Princesses Swap Costumes with Their Princes


What’s that? It’s been too long since I’ve featured something Disney Princess related on the site? Yes, yes, I agree. Thanks to Haruki Godo, the time has come for another post.

He (she?) has taken the girls and given them their prince boyfriend’s costumes. Belle dresses like Beast, Rapunzel like Flynn, Jasmine like Aladdin, and so on. Mostly it’s a lot of poofy dresses being converted into pants, except in the case of Hercules who himself worse a pretty short skirt in his movie.

Check out all the rest of these below, and I await the “Disney Princes Swap Clothes with Their Princesses” follow-up post.






  • Griffon23

    Awww, I was hoping for “Street Rat Jasmine” with matching monkey accessory!

  • Korky

    I see they didn’t do Tarzan’s outfit.

  • David R

    Who’s that second-to-last one?

    Tatiana looks awesome, though.

  • Dollo

    Second-to-last is Jane from Tarzan.

  • Johnnaes P Anderson

    How long until we see the uncomfortable reverse version of this?

  • FNG

    the Jane outfit is wrong!