Disney Princesses Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before


This is going to sound really weird, but I’ve been trying to write a hot Disney princess post for a while now. Like, I figured with all the cosplay posts we write and art we feature, this one wouldn’t be that difficult, but after one or two, my Google image searching skills failed me, and all I could find were stupid adult Halloween costumes.

But alas, my savior has arrived in the form of artist J. Scott Campbell who wanted childhood memories ruined as much as me. That’s why he drew this gallery of sexy Disney princesses which you can find below. It’s one of the better art projects we’ve ever featured on the site, and I think you’ll like it more than you probably should.







There’s one more of Sleeping Beauty that I don’t think I can legally show on the site here, so head over to Geekologie to check that one out. Also, how do you not have Jasmine??

  • James

    No Jasmin, I feel slightly robbed….only slightly

  • J5

    No posting of Jazmine = The terrorists win.

  • J5

    Jasmin, jazmine…..whatever.

  • Sam

    Jasmine is hot but the “princess” everyone seems to forget is esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I know she’s not technically a princess but hot damn she’s sexy…for a cartoon.

  • Kaeyne

    One of my favos for quite some time now, too.
    Also, check out this gallery of awesomness:

  • Dave

    J-Scott is great, loved his work on Gen13.

    Go Michigan Artists!

  • Bandit


  • Jeremy


    Nice idea, but if you link to his Blogspot, they’re higher res. Here it is:


  • Jason

    I agree with Kaeyne, these are great, but everyone should definitely also check out Jeffrey Thomas’ “Twisted Princesses” series:


  • Synnamin

    and Mulan!

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  • Lol, someone has some extra time on their hands. Just ruined several very good childhood memories 😉

  • These are nice dude! get more! best is prob ariel

  • Wow! Nice of them. NSFW + Kids!

  • Lol

    The hottest is tinkerbell with Alice coming in second I would of liked to see Jasmine

  • zero

    Don’t forget Megara from Hercules. In my opinion, the most sexy/seductive female lead from Disney cartoon movies.

  • Fisty

    Sooooo… this is all the drunk girls on Halloween.
    Big whoop.

  • I think Beuty and the Beast did the greatest damage of all. Whenever you see a really hot chick dating a complete beastly douchebag, it’s because Beauty and the Beast taught them that they could “change” them.

  • pood

    Reminds me of the Fable comics:


    Basically, adult version of all your favorite characters from fairy tales…

  • Diamond_Destiny

    Wow..Belle is the best..and The Little Mermaid looks better as the cartoon. She is way hotter as a cartoon.
    They pretty much all have the same bodies just different eyes and hair..LMAO!

  • Diamond_Destiny

    You should do the Disney Prince’s…I mean, didn’t it have a big impact on the female population..we all want a Prince Charming.

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  • SK

    Love Campbell’s art but does it look like they all have the same face?

  • Apu Kalipshis

    Lastr one is a copy image from Luis Royo here http://www.walpaper.es/images/wallpapers/luis-royo-dibujos-621523.jpeg

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  • Wow, very sexy pictures!

  • These are so so great! Very talented work. It’s interesting to see the disney princesses in this light

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  • Only 3 out of 7 images here are actually princesses.

  • Agrabah


  • Kes

    I was under the impression that, a while ago, it was illegal or at least Disney!illegal to do explicit sex works involving Disney characters. So, well, that’s why it was so difficult to find sexy pics. Some websites got erased due to that, or so I’ve heard.

    And not all of those are princess, btw.

  • ng

    They look like prostitutes, sorry. Disney has been trying to spoil children morally for years. Where are the innocent characters there used to be years ago? Disgusting!

  • Anastazia

    That’s just wrong…
    On the one hand – nice drawings – from an artist’s point of view.
    But these characters represent something – beautiful childhood memories and innocent children’s stories. Why do you have to spoil it… Do you have to make ALL women into sex objects and portray them as slutty!?

  • Rino’s17

    Pricesses now have a totally diffrent place in my mind ! WoooooHoooo !

  • marty

    The Wicked Quenen did not need to be “hotted up”–she was always a vamp.
    THese are okay–but they do ALL look the same, basically. And Snow WHite came off looking a bit ludicrous.
    I see Rita Hayworth as Ariel, Dakota Fanning as Alice, Anne Hathaway as SNow WHite, and Pee Wee Herman as TInkerbell

  • random

    Kinda wish they all still had the same heads though :/ Those faces are all the same and kinda creepy

  • jurobe

    to ustedes a la mierda, come pollas. Anda que ponerse caliente con un dibujito… ¡¡Maricones!! ¡¡Viva wendy, tía buenas, te comía to el coño!! ¡¡Viva el betis!!

  • Blackeye975

    Every drawing was the same.

  • jasmine was ugly any way

  • bobo


  • Critic

    I’m pretty sure that none of them can breathe. WTF is going on with Ariel’s midsection? I mean, I know she’s a mermaid but that looks physically impossible.

    But as for them looking similar, don’t most of the Disney princesses already have the same face anyway? At least most of the ones from 90s one seemed too.

    But for now, The Twisted Princesses remain the best reinterpretation of Disney characters that I’ve seen.

  • Neferius

    Mmmm… wow!
    Tinkerbell likes going commando! 😀
    …Captain Hook likes too xD

  • Caity

    I really love the artwork and it looks like there are alot of requests for jasmine. I figured I would throw my request in as well bc, I would love one for a tattoo piece. If u wouldnt mind maybe doin a disney rapunzel one that would be awesome!! Keep it up I like seeing the princesses in this new theme.

  • Morpheus

    Hey! wheres the real hotties? Meg, Pocahontas, Esmerelda, and Jasmine? fuck the red head i’ll take some red skin! Trade the chick with the beast for a dame who’s from Greece

  • jic

    Have you noticed that they all have the same face and body? J. Scott Campbell has built his career on drawing the same woman over and over again. She’s an extremely hot woman, but seriously, try drawing a *different* extremely hot woman for a change.

  • Larry

    They all look the same.

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  • Kira

    It’s worth noting to those of you who keep pointing out that they’re not all Princesses, that of those listed–and the one mentioned and linked, only Alice and Tinkerbell were never Princesses at some point. Cinderella and Belle both married a Prince, Ariel, Aurora and Snow White were born to it, and Maleficent was a Dark Queen–which means she was also born a Princess and simply later ascended to the throne, and a higher seat of Power.

  • anti

    For someone who claims he “loves drawing women”, Campbell should at least learn how women’s body actually looks like. Else all his creations suffer from rubber limb and broken feet syndrome.

  • Miguel

    I guess no one ever saw Anastasia

  • Kira

    @Miguel Anastasia, however excellent a movie it is, isn’t a Disney Movie

  • kimamelia

    There actually IS a Jasmine in this collection. I’ve only ever seen the picture in a list on his site of signed prints for sale though. It’s called Arabian Nights, and as far as all the princesses go, it’s a bit different from the rest of them. As always, beautiful work though. He did these pictures as a series for calendars so if you check his deviant art website, you should get a pretty decent look at all of the pictures he did, including the wicked witch of the west, the princess and the pea, little miss muffet, goldilocks, little red riding hood, and all the others. He also has his prints for sale here –


    which is where you can find the jasmine and some of the others as well. : )

  • JZ

    @Zachariah Granville not extra time. he’s a comic book artist and sells this stuff.

  • Fisherr

    Belle is a beast! It’s my most favorite with The Little Mermaid isn’t that little after all. =D

    I like

  • Jonny

    Alice was supposed to be a little girl. I found that one weird. But Ariel was awesome…

  • Passing Fangirl


  • Md

    Congrats. You have just eternally soiled some of my fondest childhood memories.

  • Guybrush

    They all have fat legs…

  • helpimalive

    These do all look the same,….. and I think they would look better if they didn’t all have Bambi’s nose.

  • Robert

    I like J. Scott Campbell’s artstyle but they all have almost the same face expression here.
    And only 3 of these 7 Disney females are princesses.

  • I would totally do Cinderella.

  • Sheena

    WOW the alice in wonderland is a COMPLETE rip off of Sandra Macdougall’s
    Its on SandraMacdougall.com


    pornstars for disny

  • Shitio Bona


  • Jordyn

    Ok, wow they are drawings! If you don’t like it then don’t look. Nobody said you had to!

  • Fox

    Technically good. But design wise boring. They all look like the same woman in different cosplay outfits.

  • Moelizabeth

    I find it stupid that the only thing that makes these pictures “sexy”
    is a teeny waist and huge breasts.
    just sayin.

  • Shawn

    Needs more Jasmine

  • Likes me

    My daughter loves the all Disney princesses, and now I do too 😉

  • Joe

    To the one saying Ariels mid section is physically impossible… my gf is just like that. And no.. the legs are not fat…those legs are perfect being feminine and voluptuos… even if they are cartoons doesnt mean they have to be paper thin unhealthy legs like the ones bulimic models do in real life…

  • Andrew

    I would do bell and cinderella

  • mexican giant

    Agree with joe above me.

  • Just Asking

    Does Alice count as a princess? I know she fights a queen and is somehow connected with Wonderland (I think) but I never heard of her being a princess there. Besides isn’t she supposed to be a little girl? Sexy doesn’t come to mind when I think of Alice in Wonderland.

  • dibz

    J Scott Campbell FTW!!!

  • Grace Victoria Hitchman

    Tinker Bell has ALWAYS been sexy.