Disney Princesses Illustrate the Seven Deadly Sins

We’ve featured a lot of artist’s renditions of Disney Princesses, and have also covered the seven deadly sins to some degree, but the two have never met. Until now.

From DeviantArtist Chill07 comes this excellent series of different princesses from the Disney universe who embody different deadly sins. It’s a cool concept, and because of the artist’s talent, it looks great in execution.

Take a look at the full list of sins below, and I know you’re just waiting to see which one gets to be lust.

If it wasn’t for her insatiable appetite for apples, she could have avoided a lot of trouble.

I mean, if you were constantly referred to as just “The Beauty” you’d be a little vain too.

She got mad that Aladdin lied about being rich? And that Jafar was trying to kill everyone she knew? This one isn’t the best fit.

She’s green? Oh, and she was really jealous of Wendy, so that works.

Raiding all those sunken ships’ treasure have made this princess spoiled.

Because her entire story is based around kissing a guy while wearing a mask? Very Eyes Wide Shut I guess. She looks kind of drunk.

The only princess here who was asleep for almost her entire story.


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