Disney Princesses Dressed as Their Male Counterparts


I don’t believe this is the first time this has been done, but it’s pretty cool all the same. Artist Ogo from South Africa has created a series that has Disney princesses dressing up as their male counterparts, or it Belle’s case, their male enemies. I feel like if she had a bow all throughout the movie, Beast probably would have been dead before they could have ever fallen in love.

Naturally, the result is somehow¬†less conservative than even their usual costumes, though that’s really no surprise. You can check out Cinderella, Tink, Ariel, Aurora and more for yourself below.¬†







  • http://nickverboon.wordpress.com/ Nick Verboon

    Noooooooo oooooone’s…..hot like Gaston, has cleavage like Gaston, no one leaves me as sexually confused as Gaston….

    • Anthony Coolbeth

      you sir have won the internet for the day bravo

  • Bill Maddox

    I don’t remember the men in the Disney movies baring so much cleavage…

  • flkjdldkfdlkfdjk

    they should’ve done jasmine…with aladdin’s vest 0_o