Disney Movie Posters Get Incredible Redesigns

  • David R

    Whoa, I really might have to get one of these. The trouble will be deciding which.

  • Jack

    I rarely throw out the word Genius, but that Alice in Wonderland was spectacular. I never had conceived the notion that overlapping the different (w/e they’re called) could create a face, let alone a face worthy of the LSD bomb shell that was Alice in Wonderland.

    Great, great find Tassi

  • Cornelius

    The “Sleeping Beauty” one is pretty great. I could see that as a legit movie poster.

  • Mike

    I think my favourites, just based on style and my own personal taste, would have to be Bambi and Peter Pan. I REALLY like the symmetry in the latter and how they connected the clock on Big Ben with the pocket-watch the Crocodile ate.

    They all look really cool though.

  • Sara C.

    I think the Snow White one is totally wicked. Pun intended?

  • Atticus

    Alice In Wonderland one is unbelievable. Easily the best.

  • mike

    I like the snow white one. I can’t tell if it is an apple or two faces looking at each other.

  • pedro

    Please make it stop

  • THe Lion King one is simply stunning. Reminds me of those minimalistic Star Wars posters.