Did They Cast the New Fantastic Four Right?


When I first read the article about the new Fantastic Four cast, I didn’t jump for joy like a fan girl nor was I utterly disappointed. What could have I possibly felt? Meh? Not really. The first thought that came to mind was interesting. While some of them were rumored for their roles months before, it’s still surprising now that two of them have officially confirmed it themselves. As a whole, this group is quite young. Some of them are in their 30’s but they could still pass as college students or young adults.

Who knows the movie might be set in college,  or in New York where the Fantastic Four are hipsters sipping lattes? I could be wrong though because it’s not like Kate Mara or Jamie Bell are terrible actors. They totally do serious roles for the most part.

Anyway, I’ll give my thoughts on each one of them so read on for more.

Michael B. Jordan


If you’ve seen the film Chronicle and enjoyed it, then chances are that you think that Michael B. Jordan can nail The Human Torch as well. If I’m not mistaken, Johnny Storm is the charismatic ladies man. Isn’t that the character he played in Chronicle? Am I right? If you want evidence that he can also portray a more serious side, the only thing I heard about his performance in Fruitvale Station was nothing but praise. However, I don’t think that this film requires anything too dramatic. Im expecting that this is going to be a kid friendly fun popcorn flick. 

Alright, I know there’s been talk about people being angry that a black man is playing The Human Torch since he is originally white. Wasn’t Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson in the recent Marvel films? Fury was originally white too. I don’t remember any outrage or maybe it’s only because some people are just racist. Film adaptations varies from the source material most of the time. Jordan and Mara don’t need to be blood siblings because it’s still possible to have a brother-sister relationship without it.

To be honest, I wouldn’t care if they made The Human Torch a woman because all that matters is they capture the essence of the character. If Michael B. Jordan stinks, then that’s on him not his skin color.

Kate Mara


Well, I’m happy Sue Storm won’t be portrayed by Minka Kelly or Gal Gadot. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Kate Mara is gorgeous but she has serious acting skills under her belt too. I’ve seen her in all sorts of films and she can carry herself well. I’ve been far behind in Fantastic Four comics, but from what I know Sue Storm isn’t a seductress or anything like it. She’s a smart woman who had to grow up too soon because of her mother’s death and father’s imprisonment. Therefore, she had to raise Johnny all by herself.

With a character like this, it’s important to have someone who can portray herself as caring yet commanding at the same time. I liked how she portrayed Zoe Barnes in the show House of Cards. She’s tough, but she still has a sensitive side.

Miles Teller


You may know Miles Teller from outrageous teenage party films like Project X and 21 and Over. However, he does have some dramas under his belt like Spectacular Now and Rabbit Hole. While he can act in different genres, I’ve always felt that the characters were always a version of him if you know what I’m saying. It’s like Miles Teller in a different universe. Sometimes it’s jock Miles Teller, and other times he’s the funny kid Miles Teller. He could pull it off, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing Reed Richards portrayed by Teller. It will be more like Miles Teller in a Fantastic Four outfit. I have hope that he can crush my doubts though so I’m looking forward to that.

Jamie Bell


I’m actually thought that Jamie Bell is a great fit for The Thing. He probably isn’t my first choice, but he doesn’t look as “teenage” as the rest of the cast (except for Mara). He looks more mature than the rest of the cast and can definitely give off an intimidating vibe. People are complaining about his physique, but when is that a problem? First, there’s CGI to change that and secondly we’ve seen actors change their bodies drastically for roles. Unlike Miles Teller, I feel like he plays each character differently and in a unique lights. It’s not a version of him in an alternate universe. Let’s hope I am right!


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