Design Your Own Gort Contest, Because 20th Century Fox Couldn’t


Now where did the Eye of Sauron get that body?

Back when the Keanu Reeves-infested Day the Earth Stood Still remake was announced, there was a flurry of speculation as to what the new “Gort” would look like. You know, the tall, metal, laser shooting alien robot thing from the original? Well, Fox decided it wasn’t creative enough to re-design him, so they just left him as is, looking like a cross between Bender and Robocop. But with LASER eyes.

But now, Fox wants YOU to design your own Gort in a new contest they’re holding. They’ll feature the best concepts in certain screenings of the movie, along with your name and bio. Awesome? And they totally won’t jack your idea and sub it into the movie last minute. Seriously. Well, I know that I want my name and bio associated with such a sure success story like the Day the Earth Stood Still remake, so I’m crafting my own entry. See it after the jump.


Remember how I said yesterday the only way I’d see a Wonder Woman movie was if it starred Megan Fox? Well, it turns out the same is true for a Day the Earth Stood Still remake. I’ve seen the future, and it’s sexy.