Derek Zoolander Model Shoot by Annie Leibovitz

Derek Zoolander 1

Now we all know how striking Stiller looks when he’s channeling Zoolander, and yet Ben hasn’t spent nearly enough time in front of the camera to justify his top model status, so he called a devoted fan in to take his picture.

She’s supposedly pretty famous in her own right, but her star power couldn’t outshine Derek’s as he began to strike striking poses and put his prettiest face forward. Annie’s photos of the fabulous Zoolander will be featured in the February 2016 issue of American Vogue, make sure you pick up a copy before the wicked Mugatu buys them all for his bonfire!

Derek Zoolander 2

Derek Zoolander 3

I think it’s hilarious how Stiller has made a complete joke out of modeling and even in these photos it’s a total joke, yet at the same time this is Annie Leibovitz and this is a legit model shoot that artsy people are actually going to be talking about and liking.  How ironic?  Don’t you think?