Debate of the Day: Would You Want George Lucas to Keep Making Star Wars Movies?

This question comes from purely hypothetical land, as no, you haven’t missed some massive announcement that Lucas is planning to do another trilogy at long last.

But the question today is, would you want him to? And going further back, if you knew what the prequel trilogy would be like, would you want him to have made it at all? Is a shitty Star Wars movie better than no Star Wars movie?

All of these questions are very much tied together. We all want MORE Star Wars movies, I think that’s not really up for debate for fans. But we want them to be GOOD, and recently that would seem to mean wrestling complete creative control away from George Lucas, something it’s clear he shouldn’t have. The first three Star Wars films were a collaborative effort between many, many people, but now? Lucas is supreme overlord of the property, and the new trilogy was him from start to finish. If the same rules applied to new movies, would you even want him to make them? I’m not so sure myself, so discuss.