Debate of the Day: Who’s Your Favorite Star Wars Character?

Over on our newly huge Unreality Facebook page (20K fans bitches!), Nattyb asked a question that’s sparked a lot of responses, so I figured I’d port it over to our actual site for a change.

It’s easy to argue that Star Wars is the most influential pop culture franchise in history, despite that it’s creator is determined to beat it to death with commercialism, CGI and poor writing.

But at least for the original three films, a brilliant world was created full of colorful characters. So many, that it’s probably hard to pick a favorite. But it’s time.

What kind of Star Wars fan are you? The tortured soul of Lord Vader? The tireless hero of Luke Skywalker? The rule breaking rogue Han Solo? The complete moron of Jar Jar? Who IS your favorite Star Wars character?

Willrow Hood all the way.

  • SiddeshSL

    D-Uh, Darth Vader…No contest

    whom else shud i pick?
    emo luke? bimbo leia? jock solo? know it all obi?

    vader it is

  • Bert


  • Kristoph

    Boba Fett hands down! I know he doesn’t do anything useful but damn that armour is sexy.

  • Ben’jamin’

    Obi-Wan Kenobi!

  • Jackson Briggs

    That little droid in A New Hope that makes the bleep-bloop noise and runs away in the Death Star. Or the senator in Episode 1 or 2 (I forget) that has to tune himself in like an old time radio to speak properly.

  • matt

    ok oroginal 3, solo
    fave sith – darth maul (pure awesome)
    favorite droid – HK-47 (stupid meatbags)
    fave jedi – master windu

  • I have three. Admiral Ackbar, the greatest military mind to ever live, Chewbaca for obvious reasons, and Qui Gon. I have more that never appeared in the films (yes, I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I’ve read just under 100 books at this point), but I kept it to characters people would actually know.

  • Han Solo. Not even slightly close. My opinion of Vader dropped sharply after I learned he was a crippled, sickly old white man. It was almost completely ruined after watching the prequels.

  • cyranoone

    Grand Admiral Thrawn
    no doubt

  • TSimpson618

    Id have to say Jango Fett all the way

  • john

    obi wan!

  • DarkPassenger29

    The black guy in TESB carrying the ice cream maker… a player needs his Jabba Nut Crunch.

  • Jim

    ACKBAR!!! I say that for many reasons. Partly because he’s the Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance Fleet, partly casue he’s the most brilliant military mind ever, and partly cause he’s a cool guy with a fish face.

  • DarkPassenger29

    Oops.. looks like Paul beat me to it… long live Willrow Hood. My second pick would be Lobot.

  • John

    Anyone have a link to the high-rez pic from the article?

  • Ugo Strange

    Boba F*ckin’ Fett. The REAL Boba Fett…not that snot nosed brat from the prequels..He can go suck a cock. Give me Slave One ridin’, Jet-packin’, kiss stealin’, Jaba The Hutt Slave Girl Charmin’ Boba Fett from Empire & Jedi !

  • Janson

    Kal Skirata. Bad ass old man Mando.

  • EJ

    Tiree (Gold 2). He coulda been somebody, he coulda been a contenda!

    Also, I’ve gone by the internet babe magnet Gold 2 for going on 15 years now.

  • The Longshot

    1) If we’re limited to the original Trilogy: Boba Fett
    2) If we’re limited to the original + new Trilogies: Young Obi Wan
    3) If including Errata (rpg, tv, books, etc): Kettch (+100 Interwebz to the nerds who know who that is)

  • matt

    the single black guy in all of star wars universe

  • Andy

    The winner:

    Han Solo. No explanation needed.

    Honorable mention:

    Salacious Crumb: He steals every scene he’s in.

    Plo Koon: I don’t think he did anything except look cool as hell.

    Leia: She had better aim with a blaster than everyone.

  • Dustin

    Wedge Antilles for sure. Only pilot to make both Death Star runs. Admiral Ackbar is also great. Later on in the books I like Jaina Solo a lot.

  • dude

    jar jar all de way

  • Hipster Fett, before he was famous of course.

  • 39Steps

    Emperor Palpatine, definitely. Pettiness, grandeur, and the best evil laugh anywhere.

    Bonus: Because he says “Skywalker” so often in RotJ, it’s really easy to swap in any word with the same cadence. Try saying “c*cksucker” instead in the Emperor voice–it will become your favorite curse, guaranteed.

  • Matthijs

    Kyle Katarn from the Jedi Knight games is probably my favorite non-movie character. A tortured soul, looking for redemption. Also, he knows how to whoop some serious ass.
    When we’re talking movie characters it comes down to a tie between Boba Fett and Darth Vader. Vader in Bespin was just pure awesomeness.

  • Brads

    The guy who looks after the Rancour. Not afraid to show emotion.

    Porkins – To fat to fly straight.

    Aunt Beru – Blue Milk!

    Gold Leader – Y-Wing pilots show no emotion.

    Ackbar – “Your tastbuds can’t repel flavour of that magnitude!”

  • Nick

    Corran Horn for sure.

    J’Quille in second for winning me more than one game of SWCCG (I play a Hoth deck so he fucking owns)

    I quite like Bossk as well cos he’s just a bit of a psycho.

    But if we’re going for speaking parts in the films then it has to be Lando (Billy Dee Williams!!)

  • Nyxaria

    vader hands down ( or cut off xD )

  • grandma salad stain

    mastur cheef, bro! oh….

  • a bureaucrat

    IG-88, also TK421.