Debate of the Day: Which Remaining Superheros Need Their Own Film?

Hollywood is currently churning out an endless parade of superhero films, and once they cover all the main players, they stop, and reboot them and start all over again. We’re seeing a new Spider-Man and Superman already, and will likely see Batman start over once Nolan wraps up his saga.

Sure, we’re getting new ones like Thor and Green Lantern too, but we’re fast running out of superheroes that truly DESERVE their own movies. There are relatively few left, but that’s why today I’m turning to you to scour your comic book brains to find who else really deserves their own movie. Sure, there are obvious ones like Flash and Wonder Woman, but I would argue that neither of these actually “deserve” a movie. As much as I’d like there to be a strong female superhero, I can’t see them modernizing WW in any way that makes sense, as evidenced by the recently killed pilot for a new WW show starring Adrianne Palicki.

But there are unsung comic heroes out there who probably have far more interesting stories than X-Men, JLA or Avengers members. Who do you think is worthy to be adapted for the big screen? Or should Hollywood just stop with superhero movies altogether?

  • Ness

    They should make an invincible movie, It would be a more self aware comic book movie, as well as having a R rating from the dude with super strength actually using it on bad guys.

  • MajorTool

    Deadpool! However, a TV series would fit him better.

  • Hyuri

    Heroes usually have boring and/or typical plots/qualities. It’s the anti-heroes that tell the most interesting stories.

    Me, I’m waiting for a Deadpool movie. The one that was in the opening of Xmen: Wolverine, not the ending.

  • Grimlock_Smash

    Dead. Pool.

  • JB

    Broken record but the Deadpool movie with Ryan Renalds would be awesome.

    I still think the Punisher could be a great idea in the right hands. But with three horrible attempts they may not try again. A Punisher movie done like “Man of Fire” with Denzel Washington would be perfect. Watching that movie and I was like this captured the spirt of the Punisher better then any of his own movies.

  • LJinO

    I always thought that the Maxx. would make a good movie maybe in the style of Sin City.

  • steve p

    I’d like to see a Flash movie. and a decent current superman film.

    i’d prefer though to quit with most of these “original” sperhero movies and instead just adapt actual comics. like sin city, watchmen or 300 , granted those were one off stories, but i prefer those over these stories made up by hollywood.

    yes, Nolans batman stories are amazing, and spiderman 1 & 2 were pretty great, but look at the other ones. so of many of them take random bits of the comics history and throw them together to make a new story. and yes, to the average movie goer, its no big deal, but all us comic geeks get frustrated when they fuck stuff up.

    i personally would love to see a frame for frame big screen version of Identity Crisis or Dark Halloween. With so many stories out there you are better off just adapting one of them than to try and write your own and include 70 years of history in there in attempts to please the comic fans

  • Schiapu

    I consider the second Punisher movie to be pretty good, the one with Ray Stevenson. The obvious one would be Deadpool, for being awesome of course.

  • Andy

    putting a vote in for quailman

  • Treznor

    Not so much a hero but a Lobo movie would be (one of the earlier stories even better).

    Or the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

  • Bob

    If they did it right, Ghost Rider would be killer…. screw off Nick Cage!

    Deadpool done right would also be killer….. again if done right.

    I would definitly watch a Spiderman 2099…. if done right.

    Maybe X-Factor with the Government assembled team (Havok, Multiple Man, Polaris, Quicksilver, Strong Guy, and Wolfsbane)

    And Finally, how about Aqua Man…. Haha, thats definitly a joke.

  • JB


    Yeah the Ray Stevenson Punisher wasnt all bad. But the guy who played Jigsaw was awful and sounded like a cartoon. Whould have liked it better if they tried to play it more serious.

  • Lee

    The Runaways.

    It’s a comic series that follows the lives of some adolescents who, some have powers, some are super science-y, one has a pet dinosaur, and they find out their parents are all evil, so they runaway. It’s a pretty awesome comic book series. If in the right hands (as with all movies), it could be amazing.

    Also, they save the world and stuff.

  • Lee

    Also, I always thought it would be cool for Quentin Tarantino to write and direct a super dark, violent version of Ninja Turtles.

  • Bob

    Upon further thinking: How about a REAL Silver Surfer Vs Galacticus.

    Honorable mentions: Moon Kight, Black Panther, & Luke Cage.

  • Drew

    Invincible would hold up on its own. As Kick ass turned out well.

    They could re-boot the re-boot of Fantastic Four before its too late.

  • Gladiator

    1 – Hitman. Because Garth Ennis needs more movie love. Also, Batman cameos!

    2 – Transmetropolitan, even though I doubt anyone in hollywood would be able to capture its feeling.

    3 – Alias. Jessica Jones is a great character, and could be easily included in the current marvel universe (post-avengers movie). Also, Heroes For Hire.

    4 – The previously proposed Edgar Wright/ Simon Pegg Ant Man movie, just for the kicks.

    5 – A Planetary HBO series would be awesome.

  • Austin

    They should make Annihilation into either a mini-series or movie. A mini-series would be better so that the viewers can better understand the various characters. Cosmic Marvel is just wanting for some television media.

    Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness would also be great as a movie.

    As for the actual question on what superhero deserves a movie. I think that would be The Sentry. Specifically, they should adapt his limited series from 2000. Not only is this basically the introduction to the character, it would be interesting to have a movie about a hero with severe problems. It also wouldn’t be an action film, which is a change of pace. The only real problem is that it includes characters owned by competing companies.

  • Comfortable Madness

    I think it might be being made already but I’m going to go with Hack/Slash. Hopefully they do it right.

  • Jim Lahey

    Megan Fox should be Wonder Woman only if they made it a trashy 70’s remake so people could stare at her in less clothes. We all know that’s the only reason anyone watches that piece of eye candy in anything. It surely isn’t due to her “talent” and an “actress” that we “respect” (ogle) her in every movie.

  • lacy

    I think someone should fund The Goon movie already! That movie will kick ass if it ever gets made.

  • pbittner

    doctor strange. He’s got a great origin tale that can be modernized, would easily fit into a movie without a lot of tweaking, and could be very visually stunning.

  • ac2smart

    Heroes for Hire as a sort-of Superhero/comedy

  • Sheriff Bart

    I’m going to second Transmetropolitan. And I’d watch the hell out of a Dr Strange movie. How about Preacher or Y The Last Man?

  • Korky

    Listen up, fleshbags.

    Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E!

  • C3naris

    The original poster is hilarious because Megan Fox has stated before she absolutely hates Wonder Woman. So cast her in the role as punishment for being a bitch and see her squirm and get upset.

    I want to see an Iron Fist movie.

  • Dude

    Spawn! Of course in the right hands so lets go with Christopher Nolan

  • Dzuksi

    You know i watched JLA cartoon series recently, and there was one fantastic episode – where government assembled 5 notorious villains in a group called Suicide Squad/Task Force X and ordered them to blow up the space base of JLA (which had more than 100 heroes in it) from inside and also steal valuable equipment.

    Whole episode was focused on their planing, timing, and analyzing JL team. They showed it completely from the perspective of villains. And the best part? – they succedded in blowing base.

    That would be amazing story for movie and completly original in it’s presentation.

    On a side note, here is bootleg trailer of dark knight rises:

  • Ellington

    Well, Deadpool, obviously, but also there’s The Flash, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, but there’s also more Fringe characters like The Question that would make cool movies.

  • Ellington

    But the most important of all…. so important that it deserves its own comment…. THE GOON!!!! THIS WILL BE THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gil

    I don’t have any favorites as far as movie adaptations(most have already been done), but I’m tired of people using the phrase “if they do it right”. What the hell is that suppose to mean? I understand how some films have come off seriously lacking in the acting or special effects departments, and if that’s what you all mean as far as getting the movie right then I agree. But I feel more often than not it involves disagreements with the script. Many of these characters have decades worth of material to potentially cover for a 2.5 hr film. Since the stories of nearly every comic book character seems to change throughout the years why can’t the studios put their spin on it? I admit that Deadpool was much better at the begining then at the end, and there are other examples out there, but instead of claiming “if they do it right” point out what it is you want to see to make it “right”.

  • Dead. Pool. That is all.

  • Gladiator

    Nextwave would be awesome, but it is way too comic references-based to be meaningful to non comics readers.

    Y the last man would be a good walking dead-esque tv series, really.

    And thus I am reminded of Ex-Machina, which would be an amazing, more grown up view on superheroes

  • JB

    RE: Gil

    When people say “If they do it right” its like comparing The Dark Knight with Batman and Robin. Same source material, just only one is “done right”

    Putting their own spin on it is fine. Again in the Dark Knight, the Joker didnt fall into a vat of chemicals and Two Face didnt get acid thrown in his face. Changes like that dont really effect me as long as the movie is still good and “done right”

  • Stims

    Dear Hollywood. Give Meh Some LOBO! How Fraggin Asum Would That Be!!!

  • Jen

    In my opinion, the only suitable actress to play Wonder Woman would be Rosario Dawson. She’s tall enough, in shape, a good actress, and has that tough yet down to earth charm that fits WW perfectly.

  • Shiki

    Hey guys, why focus on traditional superheroes or western comics?! I think that manga have great stories and can’t wait till hollywood runs out of ideas and starts to focus more on that sort of material, but with the origin stories untouched. And if they need to reboot somthing, they sure need to reboot Dragon Ball!!!
    As far as superheroes go, thumbs up for Deadpool!!!

  • Leo

    Dr mcninja. Lol Web-comics count right?

  • uncle phil

    No love for Hawkman?

  • Here’s my superhero movie wish list:
    Black Cat
    Gen 13
    Danger Girl
    War Machine
    Spawn (by Nolan)
    Maxx / Pitt

  • Roger

    LOBO! LOBO! LOBO! The Main Man has been in the shadows of the DC universe for too long. Frag em all!

  • mario minuto

    ok first off they better do a good job on the new spider man grafics wise and strory . i mean come on how stupid was it to put that 70`s show buy as venom hes a wimp to begin whith…. you got to get a guy like brock lesner to play thhat part!!! and hey how about putting in one of the other bad ass guys in it ummmm lets seee could that be carnage …..Yes!!!

    now lets do this reboot right and for the more mature seen bc all the kids back in the day grew up we wanna see action and hot girls bad ass vilons and more hot girls i mean come on and better grafics

  • Joan

    RORSCHACH. ‘Nuff said.

  • John

    How about Sgt.Rock getting his own film? There was talk 20 years ago with Bruce Willis playing Rock. And, it’s been 10 years since there’s been a really good WWII film (Band of Brothers).

    Also, how about a Casca, The Eternal Mercenary movie. The books were written by Barry Sadler. The story is about the Roman soldier who stabbed Jesus on the cross. Jesus was so pissed that he condemned Casca to live until he returns. (This story actually came out before Highlander the movie did) Lots of action and adventure with 2000 years of history to use.

  • brudpnk

    i’m in my forty’s and constantly reminising about some of the original superhero TV SHOWS/MOVIES + saturday morning cartoons/shows .
    I think there should be a couple more superhero movies, telling the origin of certain heroes like the original WONDERWOMAN made for tv movie, staring MEGAN FOX, or some other “busty bruennette with seductive smile”, to pay homage to the original and very beutiful LINDA CARTER.
    As for male hero’s,,,, you’ve got FLASH/AQUA-MAN/GREEN ARROW,,,,,,,ETC, take your pick,,,,,, but at the same time you release these last super-hero movies,,,, there should be a release of ORIGIN movies of the likes of the JOKER, SOLOMAN GRUNDY, MIXOPLIX,,,etc……. then bring on the birth of the JUSTICE LEAGUE,,, that’s got at least one or two sequalls to it
    That right there is at least 10 years worth of movies…

    If this actually happens ,,,,,,,, I want a check for comming up with the idea

  • callum

    Whoever thinks megan fox would be good as wonder woman needs to get a brain. The woman cant act, period. She’s hot, and that is the only asset she has in life. Anyone who thinks she should be wonder woman is a lonely loser who just wants to see her in that costume, just gojack off to the motorbike scene in transformers weidoes!

    If they ever make a wonder woman movie it should star olivia wilde.

  • Wes

    Captain Hammer.

  • Squirrel Girl.

  • KerriLynn

    Huntress, Deadpool, Green Arrow/Black Canary, Harley Quinn, & JLA (if it’s done right). Also I would like Red Tornado or Nightwing!

  • SamHall

    Hey all! This may be showing my old age and I’m surprized no one else indicated this as a wish for a super hero woman, but definitely Xena! The leather garb and the sword…have mercy!

  • Gregg

    Give some love to the Canadians, Alpha Flight. Some interesting characters plus an X Men tie in.

  • FarOut

    The Drummer from Planetary
    No one has ever even hear of this group, so Hollywood could not mess it up for most people. If they got it right, it would be amazing.

    I would watch an Ant-man movie just to see how bad it got. Even the comic book version is hard to get through.

  • Groo the Wanderer.

    Did I err?

  • Justsomeoneelse

    Atomic Robo, not exactly a superhero I know but the dude’s hilarious while kicking butt. Also Nightcrawler, but the more swashbuckling one than religious.

  • Adam Strange. I will never forgive DC for buying that horrible story
    in which Alanna and her father were killed leaving Adam with a newborn son and some crazy Earth woman following him around. Were they insane?! The movie should go back to the beginning of the story and do science fiction proud. If Gardner F. Fox and Carmine Infantino saw that horrible dark story, they would both spin in their graves. DC has to do something to make up for that travesty.

  • Auban

    Arsenal. Roy Harper aka Red Arrow