Debate of the Day: What’s Your Most Anticipated Superhero Movie?

It’s no secret that Hollywood is currently overdosing on superhero movies. You make a couple hundred million dollars, and every just goes crazy! Who would of thought?

But because we pay to see them, we’re now flooded with more costumed heroes than we could ever want. Right now there are few heroes we haven’t covered, and the ones that have are getting “rebooted” or sequelized.

Which are you are looking forward to the most? It’s a tough call as there are projects with tons of potential out there. The way I see it, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, X-Men: First Class, Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises, Snyder’s Superman, Webb’s Spider-man and Aronofsky’s Wolverine are the main options.

We’ve seen trailers and/or shots of the first three, but it’s hard to get pumped as we don’t quite know what to expect. But with the others? We are well familiar with either the series or the director, and have high hopes for most of them.

Personally? As tempted as I am to say Nolan, I’m worried because it’s such a HUGE task to try and top the Dark Knight. And as good as that movie was, I’d say 70% of the reason was Ledger’s Joker alone. Without him? We might get another Batman Begins, which was good, but not exactly a masterpiece in my eyes. Snyder’s Nolan-produced/written Superman I’m curious to see, but it’s a real struggle to try and not make a costumed Superman look lame in this day and age. I’m sorry, but it looks like pajamas.

I think I have to go with Darren Aronofsky’s Wolverine. The guy is an Oscar-class director, helming a movie about my favorite superhero of all time. Wolverine Origins was a travesty, but Aronofsky has said that this film will have almost nothing to do with that one, and that’s what gets me more excited than anything. And please, let there be BLOOD!

Alright, how about you?

  • Gabriel

    I would have to say the next batman. While I did like Heath Ledger as Joker, He wasn’t the main reason why I loved The Dark Knight. The main reason was the way it was filmed and how the movie made me feel like I was a part of it (I saw it in IMAX so that helped).

  • Being a huge Green Lantern fan, I must admit a curiosity towards the up coming GL movie. Even though the trailers thus far have me worried with the quality of the effects on display there.

  • Sideshow

    Definitely the new Batman. I think that’s a world that a lot of people enjoy getting pulled in to. Nolan proves with every movie that he has plenty of ideas/surprises left to share with the world.

    Also, Aronofsky’s Wolverine better be rated R!

  • Deadpool.

  • Drester

    I’m really looking forward to the new superman. A collaboration of Nolan and Snyder can’t go wrong in my opinion. Watchmen meets Batman. Though I’m also very curious how they are going to make the suit serious and as dark as Batman.

  • Alex

    I can’t wait for Thor. Granted most of this is because I love Jaimie Alexander(Sif) and Natalie Portman is always great but from what I see of the 5 minutes they leaked on comic con it really will be an awesome movie

    And of course Deadpool. If it gets a good director who stays true to the characters this will be well a box office fail but a brillaint movie

  • Johnny

    none, they always disappoint me

  • Of known movies it would have to be Avengers. Of movies waiting to be greenlit i would say Supermax

  • Steve

    The real version of Superman 2. Not the low budget, campy, new powers, bad acting, rat Lois version. Not the NO BUDGET, plot hole driven, poorly edited, bad takes using, same ending as part 1 re-hashing Donner Cut. I want the definitive Superman 2. The one that has GOOD special effects, little to no plot holes, better takes from the actors, and has an open-ended ending that has Lois know his secret and is either happy, or sad.

    Hopefully when the next Superman film comes out and they re-release all the old films on DVD AGAIN, they’ll give Superman 2 the respect it deserves. Warner Brothers let Ridley Scott go back and finish Blade Runner for “The Final Cut”, now they should give Donner his turn.

  • Is the new Wolverine movie going to be the whole Japan Silver Samurai ninja thing? The storyline was a snoozer for me.

  • elnino14

    If I had to pick a #1:

    1. it’s probably the Avengers: With Joss at the helm and Marvel creating a real universe where these characters exist, it’s basically a living breathing comic book crossover. It’ll be really cool to see and it’s basically what I loved about comics when I was younger. Now, I like when books and films stand out on their own, but when I was younger, it was like wow, they’re all together. Also if they are using Millar’s Ultimates as an influence, it’ll be all the be better.

    2. Thor: The 5 minute minute comic con trailer sold me, it looks good. Also Kenneth Brannagh is a Shakesperean playwright, he can bring in a ton of classic Shakesperean themes, his knowledge of language and attack it to the Thor film. I think it’ll blow away low expectations.

    The Rest:
    Personally my favorite character next to Bats is Daredevil. I really hope somebody brings a great unique vision and does that character justice.

    Deadpool – I really like the character so much but it’s hard to get excited when there’s no director attached and no real plan in place.

    Dark Knight rises: I’m excited for it, but my favorite villain is the Joker and he was already done. Also in MOST trilogies, the rule of the trilogy is that the second film is the best. And I don’t expect Nolan to break it. No matter how much I love his films.

    Wolverine: As long as Fox doesn’t mess with it, I have faith in Aronofsky. And I like wolverine. SO, I’m taking a wait and see attitude.