Debate of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

In honor of Scream 4, out today, I figured I’d make this debate Ghostface’s central line in all the movies so far. I doubt that most people’s favorite scary movie IS Scream, but I just watched 1 and 2 (trying to get through 3 today to see 4 tonight), and I have to say that the original is most definitely an incredibly great horror film.

But there are tons and tons of good horror movies out there, and I’m curious to hear what most people’s favorites are. I wrote this list a while back, indicating what I thought were the top 10 horror movies of the decade, and I still stand by my choices, including The Orphanage at number one, but I have seen some good ones since then including Orphan, The StrangersThe Crazies and a bunch more.

So, what will it be? How would you answer Ghostface’s question if he called you up? (assuming you’re a hot blonde girl). What IS your favorite scary movie?

If anyone says Twilight, they’re getting perma-banned.