Debate of the Day: What’s a Movie Adaptation You Wish They’d Make?

It’s no secret that Hollywood’s idea tank is running on fumes at this point. They’re plucking films out of every book, TV show, video game, comic book, old movie, foreign movie and board game because they’ve simply lost their creative spark.

But not all adaptations are created equal. The fact is there is PLENTY of great original source material that could benefit from being turned into a film. That brings us to today’s question. What’s a movie adaptation you wish they’d actually make? This could be any story, be it on film or off, that you think deserves a modern movie treatment.

As you can see from the picture above, my ideal scenario is a new Star Wars film, and it could be one based on the already existing stories that populate the universe of the novels and games. I have always wanted to see a Shadows movie, but recently, I think that a Force Unleashed film would be quite amazing as well.

My picks are rather unlikely however, as George Lucas is bound and determined to let the new shitty trilogy be how we last remember him. I’m hoping you guys have a few more realistic suggestions based on movies, books or games you love. Let’s hear your ideas. What do you want adapted into a movie?