Debate of the Day: What’s a Film Franchise You Actually Want Rebooted?

In this era of Hollywood, what’s old is new again, and classic franchises from all over movie history are getting rebooted or sequelized left and right. Sometimes the reasons are obvious (Tron with massively updated effects), sometimes they are not (Nightmare on Elm Street, with more realistic burn victim makeup!), but most are supremely unnecessary and reek of a culture lacking in ideas.

But that being said, sometimes there are remakes that are pretty damn good. Lest we forget movies we like have been based on older films, Ocean’s 11, The Fly, Scarface even titles like True Grit are remakes. Reboots and sequels have been tougher, with new Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Terminator, Alien and Predator movies falling short of the originals by a mile. Sometimes however, we’re surprised by reboots like The Karate Kid, which by all accounts should be terrible, but actually manage to be worthwhile.

I guess the question is, are there movies that you actually WANT to see re-imagined for 2010 and beyond? A series that you think might gain something from our new wondrous special effects technology, and stable of good looking actors and actresses? Off the top of my head, I’m thinking of things like Neverending Story, Top Gun, Lethal Weapon. I don’t know, there are probably more, but I’ll solicit ideas from you guys instead. What do you think?

  • Ben

    For the record, “True Grit” isn’t a remake. It’s an adaptation of the novel. The Coen brothers have never even seen the John Wayne film.

    And there’s a Top Gun sequel in the works.

  • I would love to see the old Pirates of Dark Water get rebooted or finished, especially with better animation.

  • @ Ben – Anyways………

    1. Monster Squad
    PG 13 to almost R version
    2. Barry Gordy’s The Last Dragon
    Battle Dancing instead of Break Dancing
    3. Action Jackson
    w/Terry Crews
    4. Dark Crystal
    Lighter version. First 10 minutes creeped my kids out.
    5. The Last Starfighter

  • KnowItAll

    Clockwork Orange reboot may work if they amp up the ultraviolence correctly.

    Any slapstick classics. Either Marx Brothers or Three Stooges.

    For the original post, I got to say ‘The Karate Kid’ was terrible and ‘Predators’ was worthwhile. Agree with everything else.

  • Willow. But keep CGI out of it.

  • Henrik


  • John

    Not really a “franchise” but I’d love to see Running Man rebooted and actually be true to the book.

    As for gritty reboots that fuck things up, why not reboot Star Wars? That’d be hilarious. Not like they could be any worse.

    On a serious note: ROBOCOP… that would be awesome.

  • mcnuggets

    i think a lot of sci fi tv shows would fare much better as movie series(es?) since there wouldn’t be filler episodes or random realignment of focus. that said, i’d wanna see sliders as a 3-film series.

  • JB

    I disagree with rebooting Monster Squad. The original is still great and fun and it would be hard to put another spin on it. That and the goonies should not be touched.

    TMNT would be good to try again though. I thought the last animated movie was decent and I think they could give live action another go.

  • Steve

    I’m pretty sure they are giving a live action TMNT movie another go. Which I’m also looking forward to. Watched the original the other day on cable. I’ve been hearing rumors for well over a year. As for my choice for a remake, Death Wish with Stallone in Bronson’s part (or even better, make it like Death Wish 3 and 4 because 80’s action movies>everything else).

  • mcouthon

    Highlander. But make it serious. And no bloody aliens.

  • Nick D Pags

    I just think they need to stop remaking good movies.

    Seriously, why don’t they remake movies that were supposed to be good but were botched.

    Remake these:
    Any Star Wars movie that isn’t episode 4 or 5.
    Hudson Hawk
    Battlefield Earth
    Catwoman (Halle Berry could have been good)
    The league of Extraordinary Gentleman
    Spiderman 3
    Transformers without Michael Bay
    Almost any movie based on a video game.
    Any Kurt Wimmer movie made after Eqilibrium.

    They could market it as “This is how it was supposed to be.”

  • Korky


  • YoYoMAster

    The Thing… great movie that has inspired countless horror films.

    I do agree that Alien vs Predator franchise is ok, but nothing compared to the originals. The Predators is kind of cool, but falls short towards the end.

  • flaccidplatypus

    i say instead of recycling old ideas, maybe get some talented people to start working on video game movies. since games like bioshock and assassins creed off the top of my head are ripe with originality and would be absolutely mind blowing to see done on screen in the right way. Instead of David Fincher doing “20,000 leagues under the sea” for disney he should do bioshock it takes place under to the sea and is a helluva lot more interesting. but i will say i wouldn’t mind seeing a reboot or sequel to robocop or maybe total recall (even though both of those movies are some of my favorite sci fi films).

  • Skeebo

    Yeah, Stars Wars needs to be pulled away from Lucas and redone correctly. Leave 4 and 5 pretty much untouched and then wreck shop rebuilding 6 correctly.

    As for 1-3… forget they were ever written and start over.

  • zero

    up vote for robocop.

  • Kal


  • Rob J

    +1 vote for Timecop and Highlander

    Cant think of anything else I like that a remake wouldnt kill

  • BobaFett

    1. Robocop (Take the title and premise, the rest should be new)

    2. A (LoTResque) Diablo Movie.

    3. The Professional (Leon)

    4. The Last Starfighter (better remake material than Star Wars.)

    5. Fletch

    6. The Hidden

    7. Krull

  • Ellie


    No. Just no to the Marx Brothers and Three Stooges remakes. Nobody can ever match the wit and timing of Groucho and Chico Marx and the faces and physical performances of Harpo Marx.

  • C

    Someone mentioned Dark Crystal. I heard some months ago that there is a remake in the works.

    I strongly disagree to the suggestions of both Willow and Neverending Story.

  • ROBOCOP! Why didn’t I think of that. I want more Robo.

    I’d buy that for a dollar.

  • ReD

    They Live. I’m just a fan of campy old 80s movies like that. There needs to be a remake of some janky movie that isn’t spruced up out of its old feel.

  • peter

    neverending story.
    star wars – extended universe.
    matrix prequels. that anime on animatrix? eh eh?
    Wing Commander – just make it like the fucking game already!
    THUNDERCATS!!!!! – ok that one was a joke. megan fox would look hot as cheetara tho. would certainly make my sword grow…

  • woody