Debate of the Day: What Movie Do You Wish You Could See in Theaters Again? (or for the first time)

The Social Network is returning to theaters soon, as it’s doing a victory lap for all the piles and piles of awards it’s won/about to win. This happens routinely with Oscar nominated films, and the last big example was the Avatar re-release for all those who missed it in IMAX 3D, or wanted to see eight minutes of new footage.

But that got me thinking, what are other movies that you wish would return to to theaters for however brief a time? Some films don’t really need to be seen on a big screen, and I’m sure I can get the most out of When Harry Met Sally on a 32 inch, or a 2,000 inch screen, but others? It would be nice to see them larger than life again. Yes, you can think of current movies you’ve already seen, for example, I’d love to get to see 300 or Speed Racer or Sunshine in theaters again, or it could be movies you were too young to catch in theaters.

I’d love to see the original Star Wars trilogy or the Indiana Jones movies on the big screen. Yeah, I saw the “remastered” ones when I was really young, but I barely remember them and they were all cracked out on unnecessary CGI. I also think movies like Jaws or Blade Runner or Terminator would be great to revisit as well. Some artsy theaters have midnight showings of movies like this, but they’re hard to come by, and usually the screens are rather small. Anyone else think mainstream chains should do this more often?

What would you like to see in theaters again?