Debate of the Day: What Movie Do You Find Massively Overrated?

I’m sure your opinions don’t always line up with critics or audiences, and that fact has spawned this question today. I’m wondering as to what movie you secretly hate that everyone else seems to love. No matter how high profile the title, don’t be afraid to lay it all out there. I mean, you’re anonymous commenters after all…

As for me? A few come to mind. I thought Last of the Mohicans was terribly ordinary, and didn’t quite understand why it’s portrayed as some classic film. I also thought more recently that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo wasn’t some murder mystery masterpiece as it was alleged to be.

Further back, there’s a whole era of movies in the I just don’t quite get. Films like The Crow and The Lost Boys just seem unspeakably terrible to me when I watch them for the first time today. Are these beloved because they’re terrible? Or is there really just that much nostalgia associated with them?

And now venturing into sacrilegious territory? I just can’t seem to get through a three hour epic like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, which for all its alleged gunfights, was just dull most of the time. You won’t catch me badmouthing true classics like Psycho or Taxi Driver or Apocalypse Now or anything like that though. I will say that the vast majority of early James Bond movies are generally pretty terrible outside of two or three exceptions.

So those are a few of mine, how about you?

  • Nick

    AVATAR. Clear case of style taking the place of any substance.

  • Jon

    How about Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  • Anon

    Godfather series…

  • jd

    I heard great things about Slumdog Millionaire when it was playing. How the story/film was wonderful, entertaining, award-winning, this and that. So when me and friends watched it, I was expecting at least a good film. After seeing it, I thought that it was an average movie. It was fairly predictable and a lot of it felt cliche. I’m guessing the movie had that extra appeal just because it’s set in an exotic location or something. I dunno but I was irritated at myself since I can’t seem to pinpoint what exactly made that movie great for everyone. And I didn’t want to look snobbish so I just went along and didn’t say much.

    Also, I know it’s not a movie but I seriously think that The Big Bang Theory is massively overrated. I tried watching it but only made it up til the 5th episode or so. Just wanted to say that out loud. 😀

  • Daphne

    Inception. I didn’t hate it, but I don’t see what the big deal is. And no need to tell me your arguments…I’ve heard them all from my friends. You’re not gonna be able convince me otherwise.

  • DarkPassenger29

    The Hangover

  • Anthony Ross

    The Matrix sequels, yes normally sequels don’t live up to the original…but they should come close. For all the right things done in The Matrix, the sequels seemed to rely more on visual and less on substance. How the “trilogy” ended was utterly crap-out.

    I too find “The Good, the bad and the ugly” the WORST of the Man with no-name trilogy.

  • layne25348

    Regarding not liking The Crow or Lost Boys, these movies are like an inside joke, you just had to be there. My most overrated are Crash, Fear and Loathing, Forrest Gump and LOTR.

  • EarthThePlanet

    It’s all about circumstance. I recently watched “The Dream Team” because my friend went on and on about it. I chuckled a little, but it didn’t blow me away. A lot has to do with how old we are when we first watched a movie. I first watched The Lost Boys when I was like 8, it was the best vampire movie ever; however it doesn’t hold up so well today. It takes a lot for a movie to transend generations. Forrest Gump is widley overrated in my opinion. If it was Forrestina Gump, we would have been outraged when she got taken advantage of by a virus inflicted, druggie. Historical value aside, meh. Take a movie like Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (2005); a movie that no one seems to have heard of. It’s clever, quick and really put Robert Downey Jr. back on my radar; also Michelle Moynahan’s breasts. Also, the rediculously long Titanic. The third time they go below deck, I was ready to walk out of the theater.

  • Donnie Darko. Sorry to all those people who love to talk about Donnie Darko being the greatest thing since sliced bread and all, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Lacy

    The Dark Knight. I could not get over how bad Bale’s “Batman” voice was.

  • Kyle

    The Graduate. Dustin Hoffman turned into a creeper in the final third, but he gets the girl at the end? And Mrs. Robinson was almost seen as the villain, but she was the most sympathetic character in the film to begin with.

  • Mitch

    Fight Club…

  • LawlessVictory

    Also Avatar. It was a gimmick more than a film. And everyone in the world was incredibly annoying for, like, two straight months, going on and on about how it was the most amazing movie ever made.

  • KnowItAll

    Agree on Last of the Mohicans. The Crow was good but not great and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is epic and great.

    Taxi Driver and Apocalypse Now are lost to me back in the 70s. I never got the craziness they were trying to convey.

    “A Beautiful Mind” was complete crap and didn’t deserve box office or awards that it got.
    “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” was less entertaining than background noise.
    Oh, and “Juno” wasn’t fun or quirky. She was annoying and needed a slap upside the head.

  • XenoIrish

    Agreed, Donnie Darko was really bad, and yes, i understood the plot. It was just a dumb movie.

    The Hurt Locker was massively over-rated as well. It was boring at times and made little sense at others.

  • mercurius

    Firstly, totally agree on Avatar.

    For me it’s always been “American Beauty”. That movie taints my ability to like Kevin Spacey’s justifiably laudable work in actual deserving movies.

    I personally love “Shakespeare in Love” but can also recognize it in no way deserved to upset “Saving Private Ryan” for Best Picture. That was the year the Weinstein Company began proving year after year you can win Oscars via awards season campaign blitzes. The workmanship of David Fincher on “Social Network” far outclasses the utterly safe and predictable awards-bait polish “King’s Speech.”

    Oh and while I can absolutely respect David Fincher, “Benjamin Button” didn’t deserve a Best Picture nod over “The Dark Knight.”

  • MajorTool

    Last of the Mohicans is by far my favorite movie. I believe people just have different taste in aesthetics… mine just happens to be how well a soundtrack matches the movie.

    I don’t get all the hype about Starwars. I’ve watched them, played the video games, and the card game. It is a franchise not a religion.

  • Random Leon

    avatar isn’t overrated because there is a sizeable portion of moviegoers who see it for what it is: overbearing pocahontas tale with smurfs.

    for me it’s the godfather series. i think they’re entertaining enough and mildly compelling in parts, but i think they’re quite dated now and them continuing to get put up on pedestals is a bizarre form of internet-driven peer pression

  • Drester

    Clockwork Orange is the movie I really don’t like. Most overrated movie even.

    I’ve watched the good, the bad and the ugly like 10 times. How can you not like that movie?!

  • Random Leon

    peer pressure*… no idea why i typed pression the first time.

    also would like to add my vote to the star wars series as well. those films have NOT aged well…

  • Gabriel

    Pretty much any academy award winning movie to me is overrated (I’m looking at you Black Swan/Kings Speach).

    People need to not be so nit-picky about movies and enjoy them for being fun like people used to a long time ago. LEARN TO HAVE FUN AT MOVIES!

    I would like to see people’s opinions of most underrated movies. There are a lot of movies that are hardly ever mentioned that are actually pretty good.

  • Prof. Frink

    Pulp Fiction…just not that entertaining

  • Hyuri

    Reflect Mercurius’ thought, my list of massively overrated movie is about 80% of the Oscar’s “Best Picture” winners.

    Special extra hatred go to “The Departed”. 1) No it’s not “InTernal Affairs”, it’s INFERNAL AFFAIRS you ignorant bastards. 2) Remake wins Oscars? WTF? 3) I much prefer the massively superior original, even the inferior sequels of the trilogy over this horribly overrated movie.

  • Steve

    Oh boy, where do I begin? I guess I’ll go chronological.

    1972 – The Godfather. Finally sat down and watched this 2 years ago. Walked away feeling good, I do think the movie is good, but for a movie that usually referred to as the greatest film ever, I was not impressed. Same goes for the sequel being better than the first. I disagree.

    1983 – Scarface. Do I even need to go into it? A good 80’s action/drama at best, but not nearly as great as every rapper and every one else says. Soundtrack kicks ass though so I’ll give it that.

    1995 – Heat. Now, to be fair, I’ve only watched up to the coffee in the diner scene between Al and Deniro, but after that I was done. This is NOT an action movie.

    1999 – Sixth sense. I knew the ending before it happened because I had just watched Fight Club earlier that week. Also, the first thing I thought when the big reveal happened was “How did he get this job to talk to this kid if he was already dead?” For what its worth, I’m glad people have finally realized what a hack M. Night Shama-lama-ding-dong is. Shame it took the rest of the world about 10 years though.

    2001 – Boondock Saints – Oh man, I used to actually like this movie. Rewatched it again years later and wanted to punch myself in the face.

    2004 – Spider-man 2. I’m hoping that as time passes, people will realize that none of these 3 films is better than the rest and they’re all teetering above the line good comic book movie and bad comic book movie.

    2008 – The Dark Knight. This movie deserves to be right next to Scarface in the over-rated definition in the dictionary. My least favorite of the 4 comic book movies that came out that year. Pretentious, way too long, and the joker always had a back up plan. Sorry guys, if Ledger were still alive today this film wouldn’t have made half the money it did.

    2009 – Avatar. Cameron has gone the Lucas route. Style over substance.

  • Steve

    Oh I forgot the Leone trilogy. After the first hour of “Fistful” I started doing something else. Fell asleep during the last 20 minutes of both “few dollars more” and “The good, the bad, the ugly”. To be fair, I hate westerns. Only watched them cuz I’m a Clint fan.

  • The Departed. I felt it was one of the worst films of the year and… it won Best Picture. Go figure.

  • colin

    pulp fiction, the opening scene with jules and vincent is awesome but after that its all downhill

  • MrIPfreely

    Avatar was definitely overrated and so was Titanic.
    I know this is about movies, but Cameron is also totally overrated

  • Red5

    Last of the Mohicans overrated? Cinematography, soundtrack, high quality acting, fantastic/classic story… All there. No accounting for taste, I guess.

    I get why you don’t dig The Crow or The Lost Boys, you were what, 5 yrs old when they came out? It’s been said already in the comments: some movies don’t age well, and movie-making styles have changed a lot over time.

    IMO? Any of the Saw movies, for that matter just about any horror movie that has come out since 2000 or so. Horror was better back in the 80’s (before my time but you can’t beat blood and breast overdose).

    Quite a few comic book/video game movies fall into the overrated category as well: Doom, Spiderman (1 and 2), The Joel Schumacher Batman movie… blech.

    Everyone’s a critic, thanks for letting me throw my 2 cents

    ps I miss Madison

  • Rob

    Pretty much all mob movies (Godfather series, Donnie Brasco, Goodfella, Casino). They all bored the hell out of me. I can appreciated the acting done in each but just can’t sit through the movies without being bored.

  • Cheryl

    Pirates of the Carribean….it was sooooo long and soooo boring. Yes Johnny Depp is charming and looks dirty but dear god…zzzzz

  • Pulp Fiction. Don’t see what’s so great about it.

  • bud the chud

    Forest gump and pulp fiction are at the top of my list as well, along with Traffic (which won 4 oscars) was horrible and boring. And most comedies with will ferrell.

  • Ryan

    I definitely agree with the Donnie Darko haters. That movie is nowhere near as deep as it thinks it is.

  • Igor


  • Jared R

    Jesus, I could go on for hours about this subject but Ill try to keep it short. “Meet the Parents”, everyone from people my moms age to people my age told me this was the funniest thing ever and it wasnt to say the least(all sequels I can only assume where even worse). And I guess Im gonna be the only one to say it across the board but with the exception of “The Dark Knight”(which was kinda overrated too), ALL COMIC BOOK MOVIES. “Sin City”, “Spider Man” trilogy, every one of the “X-Men” related films. Video games, comic books, and saturday morning cartoons should stay what they are instead of some asshole trying to make them into movies every damn year.

  • Davon Smith

    I’d like to go for both Avatar and Inception. They were quit nice film to watch. Perhaps Avatar got the reception either for the budget/ad or for the name of the director. Inception got it for D caprio. It’s nothing but a personal opinion(with due respect to others).

  • chadwick

    Wall-e. I normally love pixar movies but I just really couldn’t stand this movie. I have tried watching it several times and it never gets any better.

  • 10.- Inception. Good movie. But that was the best “dream realm” they could entertain us with? Folding architecture and gravity? That works for the Matrix. This one needed more artsy imagination. Actually, “The Matrix” was more original and less flawed, and it still wasn’t “best movie” material. Inception did better for some reason, and people still wanted more.
    9.- Crash. You didn’t fool anyone, Oscar people. Not bad, just ordinary and pretentious. Better than “Munich”? No way.
    8.- Dead Poets Society. An unbeliveable story in the bad sense. Only the beliveable can inspire.
    7.- The Departed. Like “Scarface”, it’s best to simply enjoy it anyway.
    6.- Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. While it bombed, a lot of people like it. It’s unentertaining rubbish.
    5.- Wedding Crashers. Loud, gleeful, not funny.
    4.- The Legend of Vagger Vance. Not particularly acclaimed, but I LOATHE it.
    3.- Darkman. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I kinda remember it doing good on the tomatometer. Seriously, anything above 10% would offend me.
    2.- The 25th Hour. I mean, jeez, I get that there had to be a post 9-11 period, but this sentimental trainwreck wastes its actors, yet somehow gets good reviews; it even gets into some “underrated” lists every now and then!
    1.- The Queen. What good are performers when your script is so mind-numbing? Enormously inferior to “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Children Of Men”, released the same year.

    Those are all recent because it’s funnier that way, but the worst offender, EVER, is:

    ** The Tin Drum. The ultimate insufferable “Oh, you just didn’t get the book” movie. I got it. It’s ok. I don’t see why it had to be turned into such a cacophonic, overacted and conceited cinematic mess.

    The Crow, Donnie Darko, Last of the Mohicans, anything from Soderbergh, A Beautiful Mind… I can agree with those. But “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”? Damn, I want to wear a hat just thinking about it.

  • @# mercurius. Agreed “Shakespeare in Love”, you nailed it.

    Aaaah! “The Hurt Locker”… overrated as hell, also forgot about it. I need to stop reading comments now.

  • Racer G

    Napoleon Dynamite. It was HUGE in Utah and no one would shut up about it. Even when the the DVD came out it was sold out state wide and everyone re-watched it a dozen times. Sure it is a little different to tell a story about the annoying IDIOT but it has no real point of conflict, so its written more like an autobiography from middle school about a high school student who did that one cool thing on time

  • bud the chud

    Forgot one. 2001 a space odyssey. can’t watch the first 20 minutes or so. Doesn’t even get good till the end.
    I have to also agree with wedding crashers and meet the parents. Didn’t laugh once.

  • Cas

    Ferris Buellers day off. It’s funny at times, but I found Ferris to be a very unlikeable character. He’s selfish, yet everybody seem to love him and everything goes his way. He’s just too perfect, and that makes him uninteresting (and a little annoying).
    I also didn’t care much for bladerunner, but I’m willing to give it another chance as I’ve only seen it once and that was a while ago.

  • Memo

    Avatar- awesome SFX but that’s all there is to it.
    Inception- i loved the dark knight and because of that i had high expectations about it, is an entertaining movie but that’s all.
    Black Swan- Too predictible and the performance of Nataly Portman definitely doesn’t deserve an award, but just as Gabriel said: ”Pretty much any academy award winning movie to me is overrated” these awards have lost quality.
    The hurt locker- i heard people saying it was a very emotional movie, but to be honest i have felt more emotionally moved by movies like UP and Kung Fu panda 2.

  • HatergonnaHate

    Hurt Locker… Yes overrated
    You’re wrong on Last of the Mohicans, it was and is a great movie.
    I don’t know if Inglorious Bastards was rated high by critics, but besides the killing nazi’s part, it was bad.
    but for my money it was Social Network. I hated to movie, the story was tired and predictable, the acting was just mopey.

  • Skeebo

    No Country for Old Men.

    When my wife and I finished watching that movie we looked at each and pretty much said “What the fuck? And why the fuck did anyone like that?”

    Oh and while we’re at it, Eternal Sunshine. That movie sucks.

  • Comfortable Madness

    I’m with DarkPassenger29 on this one. The Hangover was good but the best comedy ever?(which is how hyped it was) I think not.

    Watched it once and have no desire to watch it again. Meh.

  • Katie

    Avatar blew, despite what people who haven’t seen Pocahontas would have you believe. Also, Inception. It was okay, but not as wonderful as everyone says. I think Christopher Nolan’s earlier movies are a lot better, ie Memento.

    Most of all Citizen Kane. I know it’s a supposed to be a masterpiece, but it was a total let down the first time I saw it (and every other time I’ve ever seen it).

    • MegaSolipsist

      I’ve seen Pocahontas and I loved Avatar. I do think The Dark Knight is overrated, though. I really like it, but I think people act like it’s one of the greatest movies ever.

  • David P.

    Godfather – never gripped me in the slightest

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – decent, but overhyped (for me at least)

    Donnie Darko – can’t even form a coherent review for it

    On the other hand, a couple movies I like more than the general public:

    Cars – plenty of people consider this a step down from the rest of Pixar’s greatness. I don’t see it.

    Matrix Reloaded – aside from the massive cave orgy, loved it. Disappointed that all the philosophical questions went unanswered (3rd movie was indeed a disaster)

  • What?

    No Country For Old Men. I don’t see how this movie is loved by anyone. It just sucks.

  • Metallimetal

    First of all, let me say that this was a great topic to get everyone talking. It’s a bit odd, though, because I almost knew that people would list movies that I think are incredible in one way or another. What amazes me the most, is that no one talked poorly (at least not from what I read) about what others had to say. I think that’s pretty cool. That being said, however, I disagree with some, not all. I actually own most of the movies people brought up in their lists, so I feel like I have a firm ground to stand on. For me, it’s hard to say that a movie is overrated, because it’s based on individual opinion. It basically comes down to whether or not you enjoyed the film, and shouldn’t be based on what other people thought of it. If you base the potential of a movie, or anything for that matter, on what the masses think, you could setting yourself up for disappointment.

    My list of movies that could be considered overrated:

    • Titanic (I have a soft spot for romantic movies, not this one!)
    • Donnie Darko
    • Boondock Saints
    • Scarface
    ***Aside from Titanic, I really like the others, but the way people talk about them is just ridiculous. I could list more, I’m sure, but these stick out the most for me.

    One more thing, while I don’t particularly enjoy watching the Oscars, I think most of the movies that have won “Best Picture” are usually deserving in one way or another. Just because a movie that was nominated didn’t win, doesn’t mean that the movie was overlooked. Hell, even movies that aren’t nominated have the potential to blow people away. A good movie is a good movie, so just enjoy.

  • Nimue

    Thank you to all those that said Pulp Fiction, that one is mine. And I generally like Tarantino….I have tried twice to get into it and I can’t.

  • Biff

    District 9

  • Metallimetal

    I should have mentioned the Hangover as well. Although I found it funny, for it to have made as much money as it did is just crazy. I will say this… The more I watched it, the funnier it became. Still though, it’s not the funniest comedy EVER.

    As Comfortable Madness put it: “The Hangover was good but the best comedy ever?(which is how hyped it was) I think not.”

  • Diablo

    I know someone has already mentioned it, but my contempt for “Star Wars” is huge. The only thing more irritating that the original 3 is of course the hilariously bad later 3 which George Lucas showed he obviously didn’t understand what little he got right before. Each alien species is basically a hateful stereotype, shot for shot is ripped from better movies, and I’m sorry, but dialogue in it is painful.

    I remember playing my brother’s copy of KOTOR and I couldn’t put it down. I kept thinking to myself “This is what the movies should be like”.

    Even when people make the argument that the films were supposed to be for kids (as if that permits a film being insultingly bad), I’ve never watched a pixar movie wanting to walk out for insulting my intelligence. And my god people, there are better and older sci-fi movies so when fans act like George Lucas invented the film genre, I want to punch them.

    I also dislike the following:

    Forrest Gump- talk about insulting the viewers intelligence…

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World- WTF? How did this even get made?

    Crash- another film I suspect didn’t actually have a screen play so much as the ramblings of an idiot…

    Clerks- This film is not nearly worth the insane accolades that it gets from indie fans, though I agree with anyone making the claim it’s Kevin Smith’s best work. Dante’s girlfriend will go down as the most fleshed out female character Kevin Smith has ever created as they progressively turn into set pieces in later films.

    Inglorious Bastards- I do not understand how this film is liked at all. Maybe its because I served in the military, but the scene in which a war crime is committed (torturing and killing an enemy soldier to release information) had me disgusted as people in the theater cheer. But ignoring that, other than the dude playing the Nazis Jew hunter and the french theater owner, the film had me wondering if they were drunk when they made selections of actors and actresses.

  • Gareth

    The Hurt Locker bored me to tears.
    The Hangover was only mildly amusing.
    The Harry Potter films seem like a BBC kids drama, almost unwatchable.

  • Henrik

    The Dark Knight.

  • Drester

    Omg, everyone who said Pulp Fiction must be over sixty years old. If not, I have lost all hope in humanity.

  • dagny t

    Any Quentin Tarantino film after Pulp Fiction.

    The Godfather series.

    Donnie Darko, True Romance, all the sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean (the 1st was charming), Lord of the Rings series, Matrix series

    Most Scorsese films except Goodfellas

  • xXburekXx

    the good the bad and the ugly, really? well i guess its opinion, as for me i hated avatar, and i went in with low expectations, but one that would probably get me killed (i know one other person who agrees with me on this)… starwars, i just cant get into it, i find it to slow paced.

    i do agree with a comment above, see what people think is the most underrated movie, i can already think of a few

  • thegreatfatsby

    Anything by Quentin fucking Tarantino. Totally overrated shite.

    Inception and the Dark Knight. Don’t get me wrong, Nolan can make a good movie, like Begins or Memento, but the other two, over the top and ridiculous. Dark Knight would not be as well thought of if Ledger hadn’t died.

    Then again, it’s all a question of taste. I know for a fact most people I know would agree that Godfather parts one and two are solid, well made films. I agree, but would also list A Muppets Christmas Carol as higher on a list of movies I’d take with me to a desert island given the chance.

    It’s all about the person at the end of the day. One thing I can not agree on is anyone who disses the Leone trilogy. Sacrilege.

  • C

    I agree with a few people have already said; Juno, Hurt Locker and Eternal Sunshine…

    I know how you guys here at Unreality feel about it, but I honestly think 500 Days of Summer is INCREDIBLY overrated.

  • negative 1

    I don’t know how far back people’s memories go but I’m going with “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. I saw that piece of garbage in the theatre and in addition to it being seemingly pointless and really meandering it went on for what felt like 3 days. I hadn’t even read a review so after it was over I went home to at least cheer myself up with the thought of critics getting revenge for me, opened up the paper and… people put it on their ‘best of’ lists. To this day I don’t get the appeal with that movie at all.
    I’ll second Avatar and say that ‘you should have seen it in the theaters’ isn’t really a defense of the quality of the movie. If it is a piece of s^&t on my TV than it will only be a larger piece of s&*t on the screen.
    Also, with ‘Scarface’ I’m pretty sure that movie wasn’t all that well received when it came out. It only became a classic when every rap album sampled the lines from it for a decade. It’s not that bad but it is overrated by this point – it’s campy as hell in parts.

  • I never post in here, but I find myself reading this blog quite often.

    I’ve got to say that after this sad demonstration of utter simplicity and lack of substance, throwing over such blunt statements for the sake of debate I doubt I’ll be reading it anymore.

    And from what I read from the comments, it seems to me that the readers might fall into even a lower category of intellect.

  • Mikey

    I watched The Deer Hunter for the first time a couple of months ago and I was bored to death. It was unnecessarily long and it was only good during the POW parts.

    I also don’t get the love for The Royal Tenenbaums. I thought the movie was shit.

  • Diva D

    American Beauty – I find it emotionally dishonest and crassly manipulative.

    Platoon – Too simple; there’s not enough to me past the basic “killing turns men into animals” theme.

    Forrest Gump – I don’t buy into it; I feel like the title character doesn’t have enough going on for me to feel any real pathos.

    The Usual Suspects – I’m in the camp that thinks this movie is kind of a cheap gag, at the ending. The ending is what it is, but it seems too smug to me.

    The Godfather – Not better than the second one. Not even as good, in my opinion.

    500 Days of Summer – Clever, but ultimately sort of empty to me. I admit, I was taken with it when I first saw it, but it’s lost a lot of ground to me since then.

  • MilRuko

    Citizen Kane is really not a good movie.

    Influential, sure.

    Ahead of its time, you bet.

    But a good movie?


    :sees himself out, narrowly avoids being struck by a frying pan as exits:

  • Amy

    The Godfather movies. Boooring.

  • Rob

    2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s quite possibly the slowest, most boring movie I’ve ever watched. If everyone hadn’t said it was so amazing, I would’ve given up on it within the first 20 minutes or so. Not quite 2.5 hours, but feels like 5-6 hours, easy.

  • Philly Phill

    Pirates of the Caribbean: i’m sorry but i didn’t think any of them were funny or entertaining in any way for that matter.
    Lord of the Rings Trilogy: *yawn*.
    Avatar: extremely cliche, terrible dialogue, bad acting. all it had going for it is special effects.
    Aliens: Cameron blew this one IMO. cheesy dialogue and all i saw was a whole shit load of aliens getting shot and blown up…WOW. the first directed by Ridley Scott was much more realistic and actually almost made you shit your pants.
    Titanic: so overrated it’s not even funny. i hate James Cameron.
    Scarface: i just don’t get it. it’s not a very good movie.
    No Country For Old Men: not a bad movie but it didn’t exactly blow me away and it was pretty anti-climactic if you ask me.
    The Dark Knight: come on, we all know this movie wouldn’t have been half as big if heath ledger hadn’t died in the months before it’s release. and there was questionable acting throughout.
    Citizen Kane: best movie of all time? are you kidding me? don’t get what’s so great about it.
    Harry Potter series: just doesn’t do it for me.
    Twilight Trilogy: don’t get me started.
    Juno: was NOT funny.
    Traffic: just flat out wasn’t all that entertaining.
    Pearl Harbor: they turned a battle where we got our asses kicked into a love story? pfffft *yank

    i’ve been waiting a long time to get all that off my chest

  • vicky

    I don’t know Saying that a movie is overrated is too risky to me. Some movies are remembered because ,back then, they were something new. For example The Battleship Potemkin, You could watch that movie and think ” that piece of garbage doesn’t entertain me , It’s overrated” But that movie is one of the most important and influential movies ever made, so it’s not overrated at all.

    Sorry for my bad english xD

  • moos3

    The Black Swan, The Boondock Saints, any movie with russel crowe ,

  • lazybasterd

    Lost in Translation

  • Charlie

    Gone With the Wind: Laughably bad. The “Twilight” of its generation, without a doubt. Seriously, I hate it so much that I think less of anyone who doesn’t.

    Crash: Parts of it were touching, I’ll admit, but come on. Propaganda is propaganda even when we agree with it, and propaganda has no right to call itself a “film”.

    The Wizard of Oz: I know, I know. And it gets even worse when I admit that I love “The Wiz”. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. . . .

    Full Metal Jacket: Would’ve been better if they’d just made it into two seperate movies. As it is, I can’t help but feel like both halves are lacking something.

    Steel Magnolias: I like chick flicks, so it’s not just bias talking when I say this movie is dumb. I mean, people call it a tearjerker but I didn’t cry once, and I HAVE CRIED AT EVERY SPIDER-MAN.

  • bryon

    I didn’t really like The Dark Knight. It was okay. I don’t see why everyone loves it. I really don’t. Yea, Heath Ledger was good, but I really don’t think he made the movie.

  • Seantheartist

    I’d have to say the Bourne series. They seem so stupid! from what i’ve seen.

  • Jord

    The crazies was a good movie with exception of the ending. Whoever said fight club is cuh-razy.

  • BrockSamson

    The Godfather. It insists upon itself.

  • H

    Back to the Future films – I didn’t enjoy but I have only just watched them so might have lost some of the “magic”

    Avatar – I actually love this film but it is over rated in a big way

    Silence of the lambs

    Twilight – All the films and books should be burned

  • Karpo

    Scorsese’s Aviator.

    Back when it was released I was working in a small town theater here in Finland. I was thrilled about getting to show a Scorsese-movie. Then we played it once and I was pissed off that we had to play it 2 more times during my weekendshift.

    The movie was horribly directed. Every scene was painfully long no matter how insignificant the situation was. If they had only left 1/3 of the movie on the cutting room floor I might’ve just enjoyed it. But after a half an hour it just felt like something they might use to interrogate inmates in Guantanamo Bay.

    It wasn’t helping either that I couldn’t get to my drinking until the … 4,5 hourish film had ended. Also I hated Leo’s squeky voice in that movie. Thankfully I enjoyed the hell out of Scorsese’s next non-documentary movie, The Departed.

  • Exyle

    Fight Club, Eternal Sunshine, Good fellas, The hurt Locker, all of those are some of my favs! I feel like I’ve been betrayed…

  • Dan

    I have a ton of movies that I think are just god awful that are apparently classics, but I’ll stick with a recent movie and that’s Black Swan. Cool concept and interesting story, but no where NEAR as mind blowing as they made it out to be, and the lesbo scene seemed like a huge gimmick.

    And like many here have already said, Last of the Mohicans was a fantastic movie in every way and deserves all the praise imho. And I loved Avatar, one of my favorite movies simply for the eye candy.

    Fightclub is crap, so is anything with Leo DeCrapio.

  • noemi

    Gone with the Wind and Star Wars!!!

  • DealWithIt

    I hate anything made by James Cameron, Michael Bay, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Sorcese, Wes Anderson, Paul W.S. Anderson, Tony Scott, Zack Snyder, Matthew Vaughn, Guy Ritche, Uwe Boll, Joel Schumacher, The Farrelley Brothers, The Coen Brothers, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, Rob Zombie, Rob Cohen, Brett Ratner, David Fincher, Roman Polanski, Quintin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Peter Jackson, Takashi Miike, Danny Boyle,Woody Allen, Ed Wood, the list goes on and on.

    Aside from bad or overrated directors, I don’t like

    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    Gone With the Wind
    The Graduate
    High Noon
    The Maltese Falcon
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    Dr. Strangelove
    Harry Potter movies
    Pirates of the Caribbean movies
    West Side Story
    A Clockwork Orange
    American Graffiti
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    The Silence of the Lambs
    Forrest Gump
    Easy Rider
    The French Connection
    Toy Story movies
    The Godfather movies
    Taxi Driver
    Barry Lyndon
    The Transformer movies

    Once again, the list goes on, and there are many I haven’t seen.

    • MegaSolipsist

      Are there any movies you do like?

  • MPStyle


    A movie as homophobic and cliche as it is stupid. The only thing the movie carries is a certain amount of style coming from the overuse of silenced pistols and trenchcoats. To me, the story is completely bull****. The director spends more time trying to seduce the viewer with latin quotes and crappy gunfights than actually creating any kind of plot or character. If you don’t believe me then just watch the second one, which is twice as bad and twice as vulgar, with little to no substance.

  • Casablanca – no its not good, and it doesnt matter how many lists its on, i still dont like it and you are not cooler for claiming you do.

    I would say Avatar, except that I only saw it in that I saw Dances WIth Wolves (the story) and TItanic (Cameron only cares about effects and annoying you)

    All the Meets the Parents movies

    both Matrix sequels (the original is a fav. so that was disappointing)

    Pirates movies after the first one (which was good fun)

    Most “classics”

  • MegaSolipsist

    The original Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, pretty much any Tarantino movie really.
    Although I have to disagree with you about The Crow. That movie is and always will be an absolute masterpiece.