Debate of the Day: What Do You Make of New Batman?

new batman

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Yesterday, Zack Snyder revealed Ben Affleck’s new Batman costume for Superman vs. Batman, along with a look at the new Batmobile to boot.

It’s pretty obviously inspired by the wide-bat, short-eared suit of The Dark Knight Returns, which the upcoming film is said to be loosely based on. That suit had a lot more light grey and a bright yellow utility belt however, but I guess the assumption is that would have looked shitty on film. Batman must be all black! Always and forever!

I actually like it quite a bit, and how it’s more of a second skin (though Ben Affleck wishes he was that ripped) than outright Iron Man-esque armor plating. Though if it really is based on TDKR, perhaps there will be a heavily armored Superman-bashing variant as well. As for the Batmobile? Between this and the rear-end shot we saw, it’s a bit less of a tank and vaguely closer to a car (it looks designed to be a Hot Wheels racer), but as long as it shoots flame out the back and isn’t pink, it’s probably going to be just fine.

After Man of Steel being halfway decent at best, I don’t really have expectations for this film, so I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised when the final product rolls around. What do you make of this costume?



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