Debate of the Day: What Are Your Must Watch Christmas Movies?

Christmas is only a few days away, and most of you are sitting at home, on vacation from work or school, turning on your favorite Christmas movies to pass the time.

Rather than do my own top list (which I’ve already written), I figured I’d open up the floor to you guys to see which movies are must sees for you every year.

Mine are pretty easy. Early in the season, around Thanksgiving, I’ll watch Elf to start getting in the Christmas mood. Then, I’ll water Love Actually a few weeks later with a significant other and be warm and fuzzy, or alone and be turbo sad. Lastly on Christmas Eve/Day, I’ll watch A Christmas Story at least two and a half times as other Christmas festivities happen around me.

How about you guy? Which Christmas movies are tradition for you?

  • Jake

    Die Hard 2

  • Gabriel

    @ Jake

    Lol I was thinking the same thing!

  • Hogfather!

  • Janson

    Die Hard. Its a Christmas Eve tradition with my family.

  • It’s a Wonderful Life is a must!

  • Skipee

    Christmas Vacation!

  • Elf – USA plays Elf a lot this time of year. I’ll watch it once, the rest of the time it is just background noise.

    A Christmas Story – I usually catch a full viewing by piecing things together through Christmas day.

    Muppet’s Christmas Carol – Every year while decorating the tree.

    National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – So I can remember that my family is not as bad as they could be.

    Die Hard – When I realize my family is indeed that bad.

  • Steve

    Bad Santa.

  • thegreatfatsby

    I will watch Die Hard, either one or two, it doesn’t matter.

    And of course the Muppet Christmas Carol. I may watch it numerous times, and have watched it at numerous times throughout the years as it is quite simply one of the greatest feel good movies of all time.

    I dare you to say otherwise.

  • Charlie Brown Christmas, Scrooged, Gremlins, Die Hard

  • Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special

  • Always watch A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation at least twice. Elf is usually on for all the kids, and I don’t mind that one either.

  • Gale

    Muppets Christmas Carol is the one film that will make me feel festive if I’m a bit of a scrooge, and Love Actually because it makes me feel so darn British and christmassy

  • Bert

    @ Helder – Christmas is about getting drunk and stoned with your friends!

    I’ve already got one down after Bad Santa was on the other day. Home Alone is always a classic.

  • Metz

    Home Alone, Elf, and The Santa Clause (i know, but it’s been my favorite since i was a lil kid),.

  • ash

    Scrooged. Muppet’s Christmas Carol. Die Hard.

  • Drester

    Home Alone
    Mickey’s Christmas Carol

  • Raab

    Bad Santa for sure.

  • Christian

    Wow, no-one mentioned Trading Places yet!? I’m surprised. Well, I guess now you know which movie I have to watch this time of year 🙂

  • OTWarrior

    Wow, I can’t believe I am not the only one to say Die Hard. Eveery year I wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning to watch either die hard or die hard 2 🙂

  • Kaeyne

    Having read the book for the fifth or sixth time now, it’s also Hogfather for me. 😀

  • Gary

    Terminator (I saw it on Christmas Eve with a girlfriend years ago.)
    Die Hard
    Jingle All the Way
    A Christmas Carol (the 1930’s classic, with Alistair Sim as Scrooge.)
    It’s A Wonderful Life
    Nestor, the Long-Eared Donkey (TV special)

    I cannot stand “A Christmas Story”. A friend loves it so if he’s over I’ll do something else and have him call me when Ralphie beats the snot out of the yellow-eyed bully. The rest of the movie just depresses the hell out of me.

  • Tessara

    Someone already said it but it must be reiterated. The Hogfather.

  • evilmidget

    The Hogfather
    The Hebrew Hammer,
    Christmas Vacation,
    The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (both versions),
    Jack Frost (Rankin Bass version),
    Jingle all the Way,
    The Santa Clause
    Miracle on 34th Street (both versions)

    this sounds more like a christmas wish list because I don’t own any of these films (and the one miniseries)