Debate of the Day: Thoughts on Our New Superheroes?

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This has been a big week for the superhero genre, as the first official look has premiered for two upcoming heroes. We have Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel, and Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, aka Catoman, in The Dark Knight Rises.

The question is easy, what do you think? Personally, I’m loving the Superman shot, even more so when you compare it with the first image we got out of Superman Returns which looks like Brandon Routh wearing underoos in comparison. Everyone loves that honeycomb pattern these days (just ask Spider-Man), but I think something like that is necessary to give it some texture. I’m not sure it needed to cover the “S” itself though. His hair seems a bit off, and he’s missing the signature S curl, but other than that, really no complaints to speak of and I’m really looking forward to seeing more from this.

Meanwhile Catwoman doesn’t quite seem like Catwoman at this stage, and you have to wonder if this is an actual costume or some sort of in between look before she gets suited up. It was said that the character would “look more like a thief” and also have goggles, but is that really ALL she’ll have? I’m worried that in Nolan’s quest for realism he might make her too ordinary looking, and ditch an actual costume for just some girl wearing stupid sunglasses. I also have a hunch that the word “Catwoman” will never actually be uttered in the film, the same way it wasn’t for Two-Face. But if this is as involved as her costume gets, I’m not to terribly enthused about it.

What do you think of both looks?

  • Drew Dickinson

    Well, first and foremost, I trust Nolan come hell or high water to deliver an awesome film. I like the ‘realism’ of the series, it never dips into the absurd (batman & robin ruined my childhood). We all know selina kyle is catwoman, we all knew harvey dent was two face. Point is, Nolan doesnt need to directly address them by name, “They call her…. Catwoman”. The mythology of the story transcends any need to address the elephant in the room. Just my opinion, feel free to argue.

  • But Harvey Dent did bring up the fact that in his lawschool days his colleges did nickname him “twoface”. so there was definitely a name drop in Dark Knight. i’m sure there will be a similar namedrop in the third film. probably some blurb to the newspapers calling her that, as newspapers are want to do

  • Chesticles

    I completely agree. Although the 12 year old Batman fan in me would LOVE to see a real catwoman suit (a la Michelle Pfeifer and NOT the Halle Berry slut suit and helmet), I think the whole premise of Nolan’s film’s are to place these characters into our known reality. Would an expert thief dress up like a cat in real life? Probably not…. however, I think a cat-like TONE and feline attitude would be well suited here. Fingers crossed!

  • Hopton

    Two-Face did get named in The Dark Knight, just try and picture Harvey shouting “Say it!” 😛

  • Bigdog

    @Drew Dickinson: Agreed. I like that it’s toned down, when taking into account what Nolan’s batman has been until now. Nolan is like Pixar to me. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

    As far as superman, I like the darker blue. Never really liked the bright blue suit, always looked ridiculous to me.

  • Bert

    Cavill looks OK, save for the weird hair. Hopefully it’s better in the actual film.

    As for Ms. Hathaway…well, we can’t see the most important parts of her costume, can we?

  • Steve

    Superman costume suffers from the same stupid Spidey costume pattern design. Don’t like it at all. And yes, I also don’t like the absence of spit-curl. As for catwoman, yeah, pretty upset the ears and mask aren’t there, but if I wanna see a hot chick in a “traditional” catowman outfit, there’s the 60’s Batman porno parody for that.

  • Cube

    There is a picture of Cavill as Clark and he has the S curl there. It’s like they switch when he is suppose to have it.

    So from the comics and past movies we have:
    Clark Kent = no S curl. Superman = having a S curl.

    But it looks like in this movie it is going to be the opposite. It might be a good choice as it will let his hair blow around in the wind and actually makes sense.

    God, I hope this movie doesn’t suck. At least there is more action in this one pic than the entire Singer movie.

    As far as the catwoman pic… looks cool but I like mine with cat ears. It serves no purpose and isn’t realistic but neither is Batman’s or the Joker’s outfits from the first two flicks.

  • Sideshow

    @ Cube: Batman actually uses his helmet ears for ultra hearing. Remember, standing on top of that sky scraper, scanning over conversations?

  • LawlessVictory

    I’m assuming Catwoman’s finished suit does have some sort of hood. There’s already been set footage of Bruce and Selina together out of costume, and it’s kind of hard to imagine he wouldn’t recognize somebody because she’s wearing goggles now.

    Either way, digging both pics and can’t wait to see more.

  • Mike

    I don’t understand why people are ready to boycott the movies based on one image of the character. Superman looks bad ass. That’s all on that. As for Selina, if she’s a thief it would make sense for her to wear what she’s wearing now. The goggles could be some sort of infrared or night vision goggles for all we know. My point is people need to calm down after only seeing one image of the characters.

  • Comfortable Madness

    Not sure how any can question anything about looks when discussing Anne Hathaway. Just sayin.

  • Phat Daddi

    @Comfortable Madness I agree. She is ridiculously hot. I do have one question though, are they going to give her the prostitute background or is she going to be a high class escort?

  • Alex Rivera

    Let’s try and remember, these are based on comic books. The Dark Knight Rises is based on a funny book about a guy called Batman who dresses like a big bat and beats up villains, the costumes are part of the mythology. If you want to see a movie about a semi realistic vigilante then watch Taxi Driver, Death Wish or The Boondock Saints, you go to a Batman movie to see Batman. Don’t get me wrong I think Chris Nolan can craft a fine story (when he’s not making an overly complicated muddled mess that’s nothing more than a big budget wank session) But I think that if he had full creative control with no input from Warner Bros. then Christian Bale would still be wearing the ski mask look from his first meeting with Jim Gordon in Batman Begins.

    I’m pretty psyched for the new Superman I hated the Bryan Singer costume though. Superman should be in bright primary colors, he’s supposed to be a beacon of light in the dark, a symbol of hope, he’s not dark and brooding. His presence is supposed to make people feel safe. Also when you’re powerful enough to reverse the earth’s rotation you don’t need your costume to strike fear into the supersticious and cowardly hearts of criminals.

    That said I’m sure both these movies will kick serious ass.

  • Skip R

    I’m liking both pics, but for some reason everytime I look at her I cant stop thinking that thing looks like a speeder bike from ROTJ minus the big tire lol.

  • dallas daniel hessler junior

    catwoman is purr-fect

  • MEE

    Superman’s colors are way too muted, and the texture is much more prevalent here than it was in Returns. While the suit used in Superman Returns may have had the colors slightly toned down, next to this it looks incredibly vibrant. I’m starting to wonder if by the next movie Superman is just going to be rendered in black and white. Also, his apparent lack of eyebrows makes him look like Grima Wormtongue. I respect that this represents a much more overall faithfulness to the traditional design than the one in SR, but I just really don’t feel like this guy is Superman.

    That’s obviously not Catwoman. It’s just Black Widow on the Avengers set right? No? Really?
    Catwoman is the single easiest DC character to transition to a live-action film without changing anything about her and they still managed to screw it up. You know, I could live without the mask, if she just had the hair. It doesn’t even have to be black, as long as it’s short. It doesn’t even have to be short, as long as it’s black. One or the other at least. Literally nothing about this is remotely representative of Catwoman.

  • Steve

    Hoping to get a better look at Hathaway’s get-up… The puffy top looks funny here, but it’s probably just wind friction. Hopefully, it’s got a more form fittign top under the “jacket” or whatever that is. The fact that modern Catwoman is just a chick in a black one piece with goggles and a little cap with ears means this is a simple costume; would be hard for them to screw it up.

    As an aside, they call Harvey “Two-Face” 3-5 times in TDK (asks Gordon if he knows what the guys on the force call him, in the hospital, at the end, in the paper)… what the hell are you all talking about? And Bale had the ears right up front, made out of clay or somethign first, so treating it like that was a functional design choice because of the one moment in the sequal is silly.

    As for superman, the scales on the costume and the shinyness jsut make it look like a rubber monster suit. Putting the pattern on the S itself serves no purpose, and I’m missing the whole idea of how making the costume look more uncomfortable makes it more “realistic,” but it still beats the early shots of Routherman.