Debate of the Day: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer


No, it’s not a specific question as usual, but I’m sure plenty of you have thoughts on the just-released Dark Knight Rises trailer, which is probably the single most anticipated spot of the year.

I saw it this weekend in the theater before Mission Impossible (my IMAX copy had the trailer, not the six minute prologue) and now I’ve watched it a few times since.

My general sense is “pretty awesome, but no Dark Knight,” and really, that’s what I’m expecting for the movie as a whole. I’m just going in assuming that the new film CAN’T be as good as The Dark Knight was, and I believe that I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. The trailer shows the plot revolves around something akin to class warfare, and Bane is leading the charge against Gotham’s rich and powerful with Catwoman slinking in the shadows.

I’ve seen a real divide between people who can easily understand what Bane says (both here and in the prologue) and those that can’t. Personally, I only was able to catch half of what he said (“you have my permission to die) but the other half (“when Gotham is in ashes”) blew through my ears multiple times. Some people have said they have no problem understanding him, but many have said it’s a chore. Can you? What do you think about the rest of the trailer?


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