Debate of the Day: Pick Your Imaginary Hunger Games Tributes

I hear there’s this newfangled thing called “Fantasy Football” where people assemble teams consisting of their favorite players and fake battle them against each other each week. Well, this is sort of like that, it’s Fantasy Hunger Games, but with players that are far above and beyond that featured in the films.

Someone got the idea to take the mightiest warriors of film and pair them together as tributes. The idea is that you’d select which pair would make it to the end. Depending on the rules, they may have to kill each other when it’s all over.

None of these people have literal superpowers, but they are badass fighters and it’s hard to imagine who would come out on top if they all were forced into combat. You may be tempted to say someone like Batman would win, but he doesn’t actually kill people most of the time. Also, warriors like Leonidas, Maximus and Achilles may be great brawlers, but that doesn’t help them in the jungle. I’d actually think Hawkeye would do pretty well here, though Rambo is a good pick as well since he’s pretty much done the whole “stealth forest combat” thing against entire armies already.

You really should just check out the whole list below and let me know who your picks are.

  • Frank

    Well seeing as how Alice is the only one with powers at some point. I choose her. Anyone who picks Eddard Stark is a fool. Sean Bean always dies.

  • HaleyQuinn

    Xena warrior princess. ‘Nuff said.

  • Jordan

    Where is Michonne from The Walking Dead? She could take out half this list by herself.

  • Avi

    Achilles would be the smart money since he is protected by Gods. All are great choices but any Sean Bean character is doomed to failure.

  • Caleb K

    Bear for the win. Guy is a champ. Pretty sure he’d find a way to catch a bunch of dinosaurs too.

  • Mike

    I’d have to go with Bear. He’s the only one who is a survivalist.

  • Birgi

    Since this is a vast outdoors environment, the ideal candidate would need to know how to survive in the wilderness and be flexible with either captured, or made weaponry. John Rambo was forged from the jungles of guerrilla warfare. He has an incredible tolerance for pain, can survive off tree bark for months, can kill you with anything he lays his hands on, and, frankly, would prefer a swamp bed over a Manhattan condo. He lives and breathes for the hunt and would never let emotion get in his way. He is a machine. The majority of the other players would not know what killed them.

  • Ugo Strange

    Shut up and take my money !

  • Jonathan

    I will invoke a law of the internet: Batman wins.

  • DocDoom

    Batman, with planning

  • Huh?

    This would be the most amazing thing to watch ever.

  • thenottakenname

    Why IS Alice in this list? Love the choice of arena though aha

  • Z

    You’re sick Tassi. Now I’ll be forever sad at the fact that this will never happen.

  • Shiki

    If I can replace Schwarzeneggers Conan with Dutch from the Predator, then i choose Dutch! He killed the fcking Predator in the jungle…..
    Otherwise Bear FTW!

  • Ehm…the question should be: How many bullets and grenades are in Ripleys weapon, dont you think? 😉

  • You lost me when I saw Batman. Batman wins all.

  • Marney

    You forgot Dutch from The Predictor!! He’d stealthily take out Bear Grylls while Bear was drinking Lara Crofts urine!

  • IronBiker


    *Slap* *Slap* Get a grip, Man!

    Okay, okay… took a moment, but the John Rambo take makes sense to me, especially considering what a jungle figher has to do to survive. Bows will last some time but will run out. Everybody here that depends on bullets will have a tough if not impossible time surviving thoses with edged weapons. Alice and Electra have additional abilites that will work to their advantage, of course. Eliminate the two or there based on that and you still have an impressive number of people that are hand to hand combatants. Tough call to make here, but fun to analyse.


    Okay, okay!

  • Neomotion

    No actual powers? Then why is Electra on this list?