Debate of the Day: Man of Steel vs. The Dark Knight Rises

I think it’s safe to say that Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises are probably the two most anticipated movies set to be released right now. But today I want to pose the question about which one you’re MORE looking forward to and why. Here’s the way I see it.

Man of Steel – The Good

Chris Nolan is involved in some capacity even if he’s not directing. Zack Snyder is directing, and he did 300 and Watchmen. The new Superman costume looks amazing, as do the other ones on the set. Superman is probably the most iconic hero of all time.

The Bad

Live action Superman has been sort of shitty lately between Superman Returns and Smallville. Zack Snyder is directing, and he did Sucker Punch. Superman may be iconic, but has trouble being relatable. I’ve always thought Kryptonite was lame.

The Dark Knight Rises – The Good

Chris Nolan is back, the man can pretty much do no wrong. Bane and Catwoman are cool villains. The past movies give every indication that this should be a home run.

The Bad

It’s almost impossible to top The Dark Knight. Bane isn’t huge, Catwoman is Anne Hathaway, which is sort of weird. Still miss the Riddler. Hard to be the third movie in a trilogy, just ask Return of the Jedi or Spider-Man 3.

I’m almost more excited for Man of Steel because it’s a more unknown property, where we know generally what to expect from The Dark Knight Rises as it’s the third film in a series by the same director. The spy shots on set have me a little wary, but Ledger’s Joker taught me to have faith in Nolan.¬†Fortunately, he’s involved in both films.

What do you think?


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