Debate of the Day: Is the Dark Knight Rises Trailer Good?


Many of you probably saw the Dark Knight Rises trailer this weekend with Harry Potter. I missed it, but watched when was released online yesterday, as I was told I didn’t need a theater to get the full effect. Now I can see why.

For as excited as I am about this movie, the trailer really didn’t do it for me, and seemed poorly put together. In fact, I’ve seen fan trailers for Rises that seemed like they had far more effort put into them, and even for a teaser, I don’t think it lives up to the voice-only one that came with The Dark Knight where we got to hear Ledger’s Joker for the first time. And that didn’t even have any footage!

I think it’s a cop out to have half the trailer be old clips, and hell, even an old voiceover. Then having most of the new footage being Gordon lying in a hospital bed, barely able to be understood is also kind of a waste. I had to play the trailer a few times to even hear all of his lines. The only worthwhile scene is a half second of Batman backing away from the hulking Bane.

Yes, I know it’s a teaser, but they have to know how much fans have been anticipating ANY look at the film, and this just seemed like a sub par effort to me. Feel free to disagree.

  • Anthony R

    It was Bat-mazing, it was Batwesome, it was Bat-credible! This movie will own, I guarantee it!

  • you could scribble batman across a chalk board for a trailer for this flick and everyone would be up in arms about it…. I agree, it lacks all substance, but it does it’s job of saying “hey you, this.. soon”, I suppose.

  • Frank

    I don’t need no stinking teaser to be excited about this movie.

  • Sideshow

    It’s so well constructed and the music is so good…………..just wow. I almost feel teary eyed. I get goosebumps thinking about how amazing it is going to be. Remember, also, that Christopher Nolan keeps his trailers very simple as to not give anything away. We’re used to huge two and a half minute trailers where you really don’t even have to go see the movie anymore that we have trouble appreciating a brief trailer. Imagine how amazing it would be knowing absolutely nothing about this movie; characters, plots spoilers, only to have your mind completely blown when you see it. That would make the experience so awesome!

  • Rob J

    Everyone keeps using the word trailer but that’s clearly not what it is or what it’s intended to be, it’s a teaser and nothing more.

    Give it 3 months and their will be a much, much better full trailer 🙂

  • Sideshow

    Also, it’s a whole freaking year away…

  • Josh

    I don’t think too much can be expected yet. They just started principle photography in May, so they don’t have much to work with. We now have a little taste of the plot. I would have liked more, but then again, they didnt have to make one at all.

  • Postal

    I couldnt’ hear a word Jim Gordon said over the sound of heavy breathing into a oxygen mask combined with the sound of my neighbors hunting for popcorn inside giant bags of popcorn…

    Hey @$$hole, the popcorn you paid $10 for is right there, its the formerly white stuff covered in butter flavored motor oil on top of the salt covered popcorn below it. Rummaging your fingers randomly through it like a raccoon rummaging through a pile of fetid garbage in a dumpster looking for food doesn’t get the popcorn to your feed orifice any faster. In fact it takes longer. Bring your thumb and forefinger together with a couple pieces of popcorn between them and release pressure while popcorn is above food orifice. Also, the practice of shaking the bag several times rapidly and peering inside in hopes that your regular bag of motor oil butter flavored popcorn is actually a magic never ending motor oil butter flavored popcorn bag of holding +1 is actually pointless despite the legends… you actually have to get up and journey all the way to the snack counter to get your free refill. Treating your bag like a maraca won’t change that disappointing truth.

  • Frothy_Ham

    Nope, can’t say I agree at all what-so-ever. I totally geeked the f**k out.

    I don’t think I would give a crap if it was anyone other than Nolan directing it, but this tiny little glimpse is just enough to get my mind going about all the potential that this movie has.

  • Lman

    I wouldn’t even call it a trailer. I tend to call these “announcement teasers” or just “teasers”. The ones that are at least 2-3 minutes long are the ones I call trailers.

    That said, I can’t wait for the first trailer for DKR.

  • Gank

    I’m tired of Nolan using on set audio. We need a freakin’ subtitle track on every last one of his movies. This went too far, as not only does it NOT amp you up, but it has blaring music over it building up.

    The oddly placed black on white title doesn’t match up with the Batman Begins or Dark Knight white on black titles.

    The Bane vs Batman teaser shot is way too short… BUT SO PROMISING. And that was what redeemed the teaser in my eyes. It actually teased.

    Now give us Catwoman and Bane speaking, dammit. And maybe a new suit and batmobile if you want to sell more toys. 🙂

  • Steve

    lol @Gank. Subtitle track? Last night when I saw the teaser on Access Hollywood/Entertainment tonight/whichever show like that I happened to be watching, I actually turned on the closed captioning just so I could find out what he was saying. My efforts were in vain, as the captioning was going slow, and missed more than half the dialogue.

    Also, until someone told me that was Gordon, I had no idea who it was. To me the guy on the bed looks more like Sean Bean.

  • ganung

    while I agree that the trailer was not that good, at least it didn’t give us too much information about “The Dark Knight Rises”
    One thing I really hate is when trailers give away too much of the plot, coolest scenes, all the funny moments(comedys) ect

  • LawlessVictory

    It was as good as anything is going to be at this point. Before this, we had nothing, now we have a few vague ideas of character development and plot points, enough to generate fan theories and keep everyone occupied until an actual tailer hits. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, I’m stoked, but I’m sure that’s all they were going for so early on.

  • Sam

    Is there any way we could go back to the way it used to be where we would get emails if someone else commented on an article. Especially for debate of the day. It’s hard to have any kind of debate when you have to just routinely check back to see if anyone commented. Just a thought.
    As for the teaser, its just “meh” the dark knight one with just the voice over was a much more effective “tease” this one just confused me.

  • Pijus

    I think this trailer was great.

    By having the sick guy tell Batman that he must exist, it sort of tells that shit got real again. And really, what more do you need? Do you want to know what happens in the movie, before you actually see it?

  • Gank

    Well, yes, but of course “shit got real again”. It has to, or we have no movie. Granted, this gave us an idea of the stakes, but damn am I tired of this “I am ABC/XYZ, NO MORE!” type of storyline. Didn’t interest me in Spider-Man 2, didn’t interest me in The Dark Knight.

  • C

    Gordon says: We were in this together, and then you were gone. And now this evil rises. The Batman has to come back”

    Bruce: “What if he doesn’t exist anymore?

    Gordon: “He must…. He must…”

    Secondly, this is a teaser, not a trailer. Hugely big difference. As much as you may not have liked it, Paul, I believe your debate here proves that it did exactly what it was supposed to: got you and everybody else talking and creating buzz for the movie. Don’t lie and say you’re not just a little bit more excited.

    I’m guilty of nerding out the minute it came on before HP. I knew as soon as it showed the buildings at the very beginning what it was for.

  • Just Plain Yoghurt

    Both teasers are exclusively about defining the villain and tone for the film. The DK teaser conveyed a sense of escalation and chaos. It was also the first chance to hear the Joker, which was important because I still remember the skepticism about Heath Ledger’s portrayal, following the first Joker still’s release. The DKR teaser conveys a sense of dread and defeat, indicating how much of a challenge Bane will prove to be. It seems to me that he is the reason Gordon is so banged up. He also looks like he is about to hand Batman his ass. We don’t need to hear him speak to understand the tone. The image of him bearing down on Batman accomplishes the same task. If this is the case, I think they both succeed brilliantly.

    As for the white title screen, maybe it represents the hope that, to sample Gordon, Batman will become the hero Gotham deserves and needs.

  • Nick D Pags

    This is exactly what I thought a teaser was supposed to do. Get people talking.