Debate of the Day: Is the Dark Knight Rises Trailer Good?


Many of you probably saw the Dark Knight Rises trailer this weekend with Harry Potter. I missed it, but watched when was released online yesterday, as I was told I didn’t need a theater to get the full effect. Now I can see why.

For as excited as I am about this movie, the trailer really didn’t do it for me, and seemed poorly put together. In fact, I’ve seen fan trailers for Rises that seemed like they had far more effort put into them, and even for a teaser, I don’t think it lives up to the voice-only one that came with The Dark Knight where we got to hear Ledger’s Joker for the first time. And that didn’t even have any footage!

I think it’s a cop out to have half the trailer be old clips, and hell, even an old voiceover. Then having most of the new footage being Gordon lying in a hospital bed, barely able to be understood is also kind of a waste. I had to play the trailer a few times to even hear all of his lines. The only worthwhile scene is a half second of Batman backing away from the hulking Bane.

Yes, I know it’s a teaser, but they have to know how much fans have been anticipating ANY look at the film, and this just seemed like a sub par effort to me. Feel free to disagree.


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