Debate of the Day: If You Had to Pick One

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Behold, the coolest car club in existence. These guys show their love for film by buying expensive autos and making them replicas of classic movie vehicles. Well, except for that Subaru, I’m pretty sure that didn’t exist back when Ghostbusters were made. You’re out of the club Cliff!

Anyway, my title asks the question “which would you pick if you had to?” Now, I’ll be more clear about this. Yes, you can time travel in the DeLorean and Kit comes with all his gadgets. But if you pick the Jurassic Park jeep, that means dinosaurs are alive today, or if you go Ghostbusting, there are actual physical ghosts you can see and capture.

Yeahhh, I’d probably still pick the DeLorean. Even though I would likely mess up the space time continuum and cause myself never to be born.

What about you?

  • What’s the debate? DeLorean FTW all the way!!!! 😀 😀

  • XenoIrish

    Yeah, DeLorean. With or without time travel.

  • theButterFly

    Owning the Ecto-1 has been a life long dream and still is! The prospect of real tangible ghosts is more of an incentive.

  • andy

    If you get the DeLorean you can still go see Dinosaurs. So two for one.

  • Lee

    Great scott!! DeLorean all the way.

  • ash

    Time travel is epic, everything else is “meh” in comparison. I don’t even know what to say to someone who doesn’t pick the DeLorean.

  • mitEj

    I would go with Ecto one.
    That version of the delorian does not have the Mr fusion attachment so its lightning or Plutonium to travel, both are tough to call up on demand.

  • Drester

    Off course the DeLorean. Even without the time traveling. A guy in my street has got a DeLorean, he almost never drives is because of the maintenance costs. But is looks even more awesome in real life.

  • HoboJaBobo

    I’ll take the JP Jeep, no hesitation.

  • S.J.M

    /sigh, Wheres the Ford Falcon Coupe from the Mad Max films? It would be a no contest if that was there. Otherwise… Yeah, its the Delorean, naff as it is to drive.

  • Grant

    Well if the DeLorean had the time travel power that’s a definite. If it’s just to drive around the Ecto-1 gets my vote. If they have the Jurassic Park tour cars that end up getting ripped apart by the T-Rex, I would go with that, but for the ones showing here it’s the Ecto-1 all the way.

  • Anthony R

    I pick the Delorean although it lacks the cool gadgetry and personality of KITT. My question is…where is the General Lee?

  • Kristoph

    Subaru Outback with a sticker? no thanks.

  • ChrisP

    Had a neighbor when I was growing up that owned a DeLorean. Unfortunately it is a hunk of steel shit. Non-existent gas mileage,A door that was so heavy and spring loaded you prayed that this wouldn’t be the one time it catches you off guard and knocks you into a coma(maybe even time).

    But if it could have time traveled…. All that being said it was pretty damn awesome the first time he picked me up in Elementary School.

  • Steve

    No Burton/Keaton Batmobile. No dice.

  • Andy

    @mitEj You could totally travel into the future and get a Mr. Fusion attachment. That’s what Doc did.

  • Bill

    The Ecto let me down– gotta modify the correct model/make car if you wanna be in the club:) Knight Rider is an unpopular choice, but for regular days, it would be fun to drive around…the Delorian is still the ultimate fantasy car, if you ask me…

    …from this list anyways:)

  • Adam

    DeLorean. Though, I might steal that Ecto-1 siren.

  • Feenicks007

    Delorean all the way. It would be fun to catch ghosts (if you’re the only game in town, you’re making bank playing with a portable nuclear generator), however it’s not nearly as cool as being able to travel in time. With just a couple of trips you could set yourself up for life.

  • lazybasterd

    Where’s the A-Team van?


    No question…the Delorean. I would love to strap on a proton pack and bust some ghosts, or visit Jurassic Park but who wouldn’t want to FLY THROUGH TIME IN THE BACK TO THE FUTURE DELOREAN!!! Like asking which superhero would you be, The Flash, Aquaman, or SUPERMAN. BTW guy in the picture is covering where the Mr. Fusion would be so the price of a ticket through time may only cost a couple of empty beer cans and banana peals.

  • Kathleen

    I’d go off the menu and pick up the 1960s Batmobile.