Debate of the Day: How’s This Evil Dead Remake Going to Go?


I have mixed feelings about the new Evil Dead remake, the latest horrifically violent redband trailer for which you can find above. On the one hand, I’m sick and tired of remakes in the horror genre, as I think most of us are at this point, especially when it concerns one of the most beloved classics of all time.

But on the other, if it has to be done, I have to say that these trailers are doing a good job convincing me they might actually know what they’re doing. The project has the blessing of both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi, and supposedly isn’t going to use a pixel of CGI for its effects, a true wonder in this day and age.

And damn, does it look horrifying. The old film was about as scary as you got for its time period, but movies have evolved and modern horror audiences who have never seen the film would probably spend more time laughing than screaming at the old version. This is turning up the horror and gore dial until it breaks off. My only real complaint is that they’ve turned Ash Williams into a girl. Not because I have something against female leads, but in horror films? It’s always a girl who outlives everyone, and a guy being “the one” was a change of pace, actually.

What do you make of it?


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