Debate of the Day: Do Movies Like Tron Hold Up Over Time?

I set out on a mission the other day, to finally watch Tron in preparation for the new film coming out this December. Considering I was negative five years old when the film came out, and never fully understood what the hell it was after that, it’s just a film I missed, and only knew of it because of “Tron Guy.” Not exactly the greatest first impression.

But I was determined to give it ago, so I popped in it with some friends and was immediately greeted by all the special effects technology 1982 had to offer. People always will point to Star Wars and say “look how good those effects were, and it was 1977!” but that’s not really fair. Star Wars‘ effects were mostly done with real life miniature models (a far cry from the CGI fests of the new trilogy and “updated” films today), and Tron was one of the first films to actually employ computer animation, and use it pervasively throughout the film.

It’s tough though, even if it was cutting edge tech back then, it can be hard to watch it today without being so distracted by how dated it looks. This happens from time to time in movies, but I’ve never had the effect featured so prominently before.

But after about of half hour of viewing, I got used to the tech, and was actually able to enjoy the film for what it was. I didn’t think I could get past the initial barrier of polygons and vector lines and ridiculous ass circuit suits, but I did, and found the universe pretty fascinating, enough to get me really pumped for the sequel, which again, will be on the cutting edge of technology yet again.

I guess my question is this, are there movies that are so dated you can’t enjoy them anymore? Or will classics always be classics no matter what?


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