Debate of the Day: Disney vs. Pixar

Here’s a debate for today that’s actually about something vs. something, which is a rarity most days, as usually these are open ended discussion questions. The trick here is that these are probably both two things that you love, so it’s going to be hard to choose.

There was an “era” as it were of a host of classic Disney films ranging from The Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast to Aladdin to The Lion King. The hand drawn animated classics were staples of our childhood, and have a permanent place in our hearts.

But now, another era is a upon us, the Pixar era. Though born out of Disney, they’ve taken a decidedly different route, ditching princesses for a host of creative stories, where each and (almost) every one of their films has been pure gold. It’s a new era of entertainment and from Toy Story to The Incredibles to Monsters Inc to Up to Wall-E to Ratouille, it’s an entirely new era of classics.

So, which is “better”? It may be a subjective question, but I’m going to go out on a limb and definitively say Pixar’s crop of films. Why? Well for the most part, Disney films were adapted from classical stories, making their originality far less potent than Pixar’s creations. And also, it doesn’t help that the vast majority of all these Disney films were princess-centric. That’s fine and good, but it makes for rather predictable plots almost always based around love stories. The only real outlier is The Lion King, which is both a wholly original creation and free from the shackles of a traditional princess story. In fact, it almost feels like a Pixar movie when you think about it.

That’s just my two cents, what do you think?